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Harmonisation Working Group

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Harmonisation Working Group. HWG Meeting Monday, 12 th December, 2011 NIAUR Offices Belfast. HWG Agenda. Minutes. Minutes from HWG meeting – 2 nd November 2011. Feedback from HSG – 1 of 2. Feedback from HSG – 2 of 2. Enduring Solution Project Update. ROI HSP Update.

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harmonisation working group

Harmonisation Working Group

HWG Meeting

Monday, 12th December, 2011

NIAUR Offices



Minutes from HWG meeting – 2nd November 2011

roi hsp update
ROI HSP Update

Harmonisation and Service Pack Project

roi project scope
ROI Project Scope
  • Changes based on Approved Market Design Baseline (HBL).
  • Delivery of SAP service packs.
  • Implementation of Tibco Market Interface to replace existing SeeBeyond MPCC.
current project status
Current Project Status
  • ESBN Project Team mobilised.
  • ESB Design and build phases initiated
  • The working assumption of the Single instance of Tibco has been confirmed by SEM Committee subject to final CER approval
  • Project and Market Assurance approach being developed by Gemserv.
  • Specific ROI project deliverables will be handled through IGG forum
market design update
Market Design Update

Today’s Workload Overview

dr1105 v1 change to mpd36 change of grouped mprn no cos
DR1105 V1 - Change to MPD36 - Change of Grouped MPRN_No CoS
  • Change Request
    • The unmetered market has grown significantly since Market Opening in 2005
    • RMDS-driven process review project has assessed the processes in terms of bottlenecks, weaknesses and areas for improvement
    • This second DR has been created to facilitate changes to MPD 36 - where there is no CoS
    • Previous DR from last HWG – DR1084 with CoS
  • At today’s Meeting
    • Classification as ROI-specific
dr1110 v1 updates to es ni market message implementation guides and retail market procedures
DR1110 V1 - Updates to ES NI Market Message Implementation Guides and Retail Market Procedures
  • Change Request
    • Update the Enduring Solution NI Market Message Implementation Guides v2.1 and NI Retail Market Procedures v1.0 with all approved and pending changes up to and including DRs at today’s meeting
  • At today’s Meeting
    • Classification as NI-specific
dr1106 v1 update to nie revenue protection process
DR1106 V1 – Update to NIE Revenue Protection Process
  • Change Request
    • Process Change
      • Where a RP Inspection Visit detects an unauthorised re-energisation of a domestic premise the RPU will replace the credit meter with a prepayment meter, preloaded with a small amount of credit and disabled from vending on the PRI system.
      • The RPU team will then email the registered Supplier for that premise to notify them that they must submit 017 & 030 market messages to request the re-energisation and (retrospective) replacement of the credit meter with a prepayment meter.
      • The email will contain an appointment ID for use on the 017(E01) & 030(K05) market messages.
      • RPU will complete the 017 & 030 orders and the 332 market message will be sent to the Supplier as confirmation of the meter exchange.
    • The 131[C1] market message that is sent on completion of the RP Inspection Visit will have
      • - Work Type Code = W402 - RP Inspection Visit
      • - Outcome Reason Code = C008 - Revenue Protection Issue
      • This requires the Code Value ‘W402’ on Data Item ‘Work Type Code’ to be changed to ‘Valid in NI’ in the HBL Data Code.
  • At today’s Meeting
    • Approval as DR and as MCR
dr1107 v1 new connection card required code on 102p
DR1107 V1 - New 'Connection Card Required' code on 102P
  • Change Request
    • Introduction of a new ‘Provisional Acceptance Completion Requirement Code’ code of “CCR – Connection Card Required” for the 102P market message to notify the Supplier that a Connection Card is required before the meter works requested on the 010 (CoS) can be completed.
    • This 102P will return this code when
      • - an 010 (CoS) is submitted with Meter Works included, and
      • - the Meter Works involve a change to an MCC which includes heating, and
      • - the premise does not currently have an MCC which includes heat.
    • NIE need to know the additional Heating Load that is required at the premise and the Connection Card will provide this information.
    • The CoS meter works will not proceed until NIE have received a valid Connection Card from the Customer.
  • At today’s Meeting
    • Approval as DR and as MCR
dr1108 v1 update to description and usage of delay reason code de01 on 130d
DR1108 V1 - Update to description and usage of Delay Reason Code ‘DE01’ on 130D
  • Change Request
    • Request proposes three changes
      • That the description for Delay Reason code ‘DE01’ is changed from “Completion Certificate Required” to “Completion Certificate/Connection Card Required”
      • That ‘DE01’ will be used in NI
      • That ‘DE01’ will be sent on the 130D to notify Suppliers that a requested change of MCC will be delayed because a new Connection Card will be required from the customer before the work can be completed.
    • This situation will arise where an MCC which includes heating is being requested and the premise does not currently have an MCC which includes heat.
    • NIE need to know the additional Heating Load that is required at the premise and the Connection Card will provide this information..
  • At today’s Meeting
    • Approval as DR and as MCR
dr1109 v1 sundry changes for harmonised baseline v2 2
DR1109 V1 - Sundry changes for Harmonised Baseline V2.2
  • Change Request
    • Market Message Changes:

Removal of the following Market Message definitions from the HBL and Harmonised Schema:

1. 501 Estimate Aggregated Supplier Non Interval Consumption

2. 504 Embedded Generation DNGG

3. 505 Aggregated Supplier Interval Consumption

    • Data Codes Changes:
      • Removal of the following Code definitions from the HBL and Harmonised Schema:
        • Request Status Codes as follows: C (Completed), D (Delayed), N (Not Completed) and X (Cancelled)
        • Reject Reason Codes as follows: SBI (New Domestic Registration), SSA (A message has not been received from SSA advising Generation Unit ID and Generator Unit MPID in advance of the registration from Supplier)
    • Data Definition Changes:
      • Estimated Usage Factor : description to be changed from "See Message Specific Information" to "Estimated Usage Factor is a statement in kWh of the
      • estimated consumption for a given Timeslot at a Meter Point over the next year“
    • Data Item Usage / Schema Changes:
      • PSOExemptionFlag: this data item has changed from Required to Optional as it is not used in NI. This requires a schema change for the two Market Messages on which this data items appears: 700 and 700W.
  • At today’s Meeting
    • Approval as DR and as MCR
dr1079 v4 harmonised base line v2 2 draft
DR1079 V4 – Harmonised Base Line V2.2 (draft)
  • Change Request content
    • Core elements of the draft HBL V2.2 reflecting all changes since V2.1
    • Change history (list of all approved and pending changes since HBL V2.1, including corrections)
    • Draft HBL V2.2 assumes approval of all requested approvals at HWG (today) and by HSG
    • (Jurisdiction-specific elements of HBL are published separately – See MCR1002 V4.0 for ROI elements at IGG today)
  • At today’s Meeting
    • Approval
next steps
Next Steps
  • Next HWG meeting

11th January, 2012 (Dublin)

  • Dates for all meetings for 2012 are on the Calendar on the RMDS website
hwg meeting1
HWG Meeting

Thank You

single hub tech schematic





Billing System

Message Hub


Single Hub Tech Schematic

New common technical harmonisation solution in blue

Single instance supported by NIE