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Greywolf Elementary. Celebrating Successes Working on Challenges. 2013-2014. 2013. School. of Distinction. Recognition for being in the top 5% of schools in Washington State for Reading and Math improvement over the last five years. K-2 Literacy 2012-2013 Growth. 2012-2013- STATE.

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Greywolf elementary

Greywolf Elementary

Celebrating Successes

Working on Challenges


Greywolf elementary



of Distinction

Recognition for being in the top 5% of schools in Washington State for Reading and Math improvement over the last five years.

Greywolf elementary

2012-2013- STATE

2012-2013 - STATE

2012-2013 - GWE

2012-2013 - GWE

Greywolf elementary

1st Time EVER beating the State in Writing!

2012-2013 - STATE

2012-2013 - STATE

2012-2013 - STATE

2012-2013 - GWE

2012-2013 - GWE

2012-2013 - GWE

Greywolf elementary

2012-2013 - STATE

2012-2013 - STATE

2012-2013 - STATE

2012-2013 - GWE

2012-2013 - GWE

2012-2013 - GWE

Greywolf elementary

Greywolf Challenges

  • Challenges for Teaching:

  • Materials for Transition to Common Core

  • Gaps in Library Resources and Informational Text

  • Curriculum

  • Increased Need of Keyboard Skills

  • Need for Common Core Science Materials

  • Ongoing Training for Common Core

  • Lacking Staff in Wolf Den

  • Closing the Gender Gap in Writing

  • Challenges for Students/Families:

  • Ongoing Economic Issues

    • Free & Reduced on the Rise

    • Coat & Shoe Certificates

    • School Supplies

  • Need for All Day Kindergarten

  • Full OTE for Grades 1-5

Doing GREAT Against the State!

Reading MSP Scores vs. WA State


2009-10 2010-11 2011-2012 2011-2012

3rd70.4% 85.1 (+14.7) 73.5% (-11.6%) 68.7% (+4.8%)

4th 67.1% 67.6 (+0.5) 76.5% (+8.9%) 71.4 % (+5.1%)

5th 73.9% 70.2 (-3.7) 82.8% (+12.6%) 71.1% (+11.7%)

"If you can read this, thank a teacher."

—Anonymous Teacher

Students passed reading
Students PASSED Reading

1st Grade


7 of 21 were SPED

2nd Grade


3 out of 15 were SPED

3rd Grade


6 out of 22 were SPED

4th Grade


13 out of 22 were SPED

5th Grade


5 out of 15 were SPED

Students passed math
Students PASSED Math

1st Grade

54/20= 72.3%

5 of 20 SPED

2nd Grade


3 out of 24 were SPED

3rd Grade


7 out of 16 were SPED

4th Grade


11 out of 18 were SPED

5th Grade


6 out of 19 were SPED

Students passed writing science
Students PASSED Writing & Science

4th Grade Writing MSP 52/28=65%

13 out of 28 were SPED

5th Grade Science MSP 99/17=85.5%

7 out of 17 were SPED

Wa state board of education achievement index
WA State Board of Education Achievement Index

(2012-2013 data will be available in February 2014)

Greywolf elementary

Greywolf Math gOALS


Math goal

  • Increase fluency and mastery of basic math fact skills.

  • Continue to improve math understanding in the area of problem solving and multi-step problems using a variety of strategies/techniques. Examples may include using content specific vocabulary in written responses, acting out problems or using manipulatives.

  • Focus on integrating the Common Core Mathematical Practice Standards with the Common Core Math Content Standards using grade level appropriate materials.

  • Track individual student progress using assessment data to differentiate and enhance individual student learning. Continue to use OTE, IXL, and small group instruction, leveled math rotations, targeted instruction and in class math support by Special Services and Title 1 staff.


Using flash masters m ath w ebsites ixl and classroom ipads

Using Flash Masters, Math Websites, IXL, and Classroom iPads

Problem solving

Problem Solving

We will improve problem solving math scores by focusing on consistent strategies with help from our math coaches.

Greywolf elementary

Greywolf Culture gOALS


Greywolf elementary

Culture Goal

  • The foundation for staff and student interactions at Greywolf is established through our CARES program.CARES: Cooperation, Attitude, Respect, Effort, and Safety is a belief that the giving or showing of respect and receiving respect in return produce the optimal setting for quality student learning. We also believe that positive connections between our staff and our students and parents increase the success of students at school.

  • Cooperation

  • Attitude- Positive Attitude

  • Respectful & Responsible

  • Effort- Quality Effort in Work & Behavior

  • Safety at ALL Times

  • We will carry on our tradition of recognition assemblies where students earn recognition certificates for academic and behavioral efforts. Examples of certificates available are the Golden Note, Golden Sneaker, and Golden Beaker whole class awards along with individual awards such as CARES, Reading Explorers, IXL, Accelerated Reader, clean desk, and Bucket Filler (kindness) awards. Last year our students earned almost 8,000 awards.

Greywolf elementary

More Culture Goals

  • Parent school partnership is a goal for GWE. Currently, 100% of our staff are members of our local PTA. Working with our PTA, we will continue our enrichment assemblies (Family Fun Night, Reading, Math, Movie night, Reptile man) with the focus of building and strengthening school and student partnerships. Our enrichment events historically bring over 1000 parents to Greywolf each year, building a connection between the work of students at school and home.

  • We want students to feel connected to school while learning appropriate social skills with peers and adults.  Our school counselor also supports students and families through community programs which help connect our students to agencies that will help them meet their basic health and clothing needs. Students are also offered a Peer Mediation training and implementation program, a kindness campaign, monthly class meetings to teach and support social skills with follow up groups and individual support.

  • Co-curricular clubs, as well as our after school academic enrichment program OTE, also increases student’s connections to school, we expect over 200 students will participate in these after school activities.

Greywolf elementary

Greywolf TPEP goal


Greywolf elementary


This year all teachers will use Common Core and be evaluated through the Danielson Framework. Grades K, 1, 2, implementing Common Core 100%, and grades 3, 4, 5 implementing Common Core 100% by 2014-2015. Eight certificated staff members will be on a comprehensive evaluation for the 2013-2014 school year, with all teachers completing a comprehensive evaluation by 2017-1018.

The remaining staff members are focusedon Domain 4, Professional responsibilities, participating in a professional community and team student growth goals.

Greywolf elementary



Greywolf elementary

Greywolf ELA goal


Greywolf elementary

ELA Goal

This year Greywolf will build knowledge through content rich, non-fiction reading. We will strive for a 50-50 balance between fiction/non-fiction instruction. Also, we will be obtaining literary resources/choices that engage males in order to close the gender gap. As we move to align to the Common Core State Standards, Greywolf has put many resources in place including Wolf Den (LAP), K-3 Literacy support, Read-Write (4th & 5th), PDM/District training with District coaches, and Accelerated Reader to support student reading development.

The ela shift
The ELA Shift

English Language Arts/Literacy


Focusis narrowed in order to maximize depth of learning

Coherence: Think across grades, and link to major topics within grades

Rigor: In major topics pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application with equal intensity

  • Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction

  • Reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational

  • Regular practice with complex text and its academic language

Targeted instruction for all students
Targeted Instruction for All Students