Eld and iatul reflections from the past and vision for the future
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ELD and IATUL – Reflections from the Past and Vision for the Future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ELD and IATUL – Reflections from the Past and Vision for the Future. Jay Bhatt IATUL liaison to ELD Drexel University. What are ASEE and ELD?.

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Eld and iatul reflections from the past and vision for the future

ELD and IATUL – Reflections from the Past and Vision for the Future

Jay Bhatt

IATUL liaison to ELDDrexel University

What are asee and eld
What are ASEE and ELD? the Future

  • The (ASEE) American Society for Engineering Education is a nonprofit member association, founded in 1893, dedicated to promoting and improving engineering and technology education.

  • ASEE has more than 12,000 deans, professors, instructors, students and industry representatives.

  • ELD is the Engineering Libraries Division of the ASEE.

  • At present there are more than 185 members most of them are academic engineering librarians.

  • Annual conference provides an excellent opportunity to interact with engineering faculty.

What is eld
What is ELD? the Future

  • Provides an opportunity to share experiences about librarianship

  • http://www.englib.cornell.edu/eld/aboutELD.html

  • ELD is extremely dynamic, growth oriented, motivated and committed to instill professional values to the engineering librarianship

  • Involved in the provision of library services and the development of innovative approaches to networking information services.

  • ELD serves as a forum for engineers who believe that information access lies at the heart of engineering education

Asee eld liaisons program
ASEE ELD Liaisons Program the Future

  • Representing the views of ELD to those other organizations; and

  • Increasing collaborative opportunities with related organizations.

  • Possible culmination projects among members of organizations

  • Activities reported in the Newsletter

  • Vladimir Borovansky –ELD Liaison to IATUL

    Jay Bhatt-IATUL Liaison to ELD

  • For more information, see:http://library.ucsc.edu/science/ELD/

Vision for the future
Vision for the Future the Future

  • IATUL members contribute at the ASEE conference

  • Information Literacy - create Task Forces in ELD and IATUL; Chairs of the two Task Forces collaborate

  • IATUL and ELD members jointly present at conferences or publish papers through collaborative partnerships

  • New goals emerge as we grow together

Networking opportunities
Networking opportunities the Future

  • Both IATUL and ELD sessions provide ample opportunities for collaboration

  • Science and and engineering information needs of users provide base for interaction globally

  • Both organizations contribute towards this goal where information experts share and exchange ideas

  • Members identify projects for collaboration

From opportunities to action
From Opportunities to Action the Future

  • Important to build on these opportunities

  • Begin discussing projects based on mutual interest

  • Challenging. How do we determine what is beneficial to both? Trial and Error. We must try.

  • Presentations and publishing together

  • Use email, virtual chat, virtual conference, or create groups

    For example: Continuous Asynchronous Conferences Section of Drexel Univ’s Dspace


A successful example for collaboration gateways
A successful example for collaboration-Gateways the Future

  • ViFaTec – The Engineering Subject Gateway, Martin Bomeke

  • EEVL - Michael Breaks and Linda Kerr-

    OAI and Subject Gateway

  • AVEL – David Radcliffe-Sustainability Knowledge Network is a portal and brokerage service for engineers.

A successful example for collaboration
A successful example for collaboration the Future

  • What next? How can all three Gateways come together and share their views to a setting where all engineering information professionals come together?

  • What do we want to achieve?

  • Interactivity with the audience? dialog?

  • Why not try at ASEE – ELD Division Conference in 2003?

  • http://www.englib.cornell.edu/eld/conf/03/nashville03.html

    Session: Using Web-based Engineering Information

A successful example for collaboration1
A successful example for collaboration the Future

  • Planning to envision such a session began in August 2002

  • Contacts established, communication continued

  • With active assistance from the ELD Program Chair, theme Web based engineering information gateways established

  • Each presenter gets 15 minutes; Audience interacts with questions; possible panel discussion with John Saylor as the resident expert

A successful example for collaboration oai implications
A successful example for collaboration – OAI implications the Future

  • One of the aims of the Open Archives Initiative is to increase access to scholarly publications.

  • What is the impact of OAI in their vision for gateways to increase access to scholarly publications?

  • Why create ViFaTeC, EEVL or AVEL when Google seems to be the Default search engine?

  • How do we motivate users to use engineering subject specific engines? Is it necessary?

  • Our session at ASEE ELD will try to seek answers to such questions

Opportunities for collaboration
Opportunities for Collaboration the Future

  • Lifelong Learning and how libraries can contribute towards this mission

  • Institutional Repositories – Dspace type initiatives and think about sharing resources

  • Web Gateways

    IATUL members collaborate with ELD members

    in the development of Digital Library initiatives.

  • Scholarly Communication

  • Electronic 24X7 – Continue to explore

  • Electronic Archival Issues

  • Education, Training and Mentoring

Future directions
Future Directions the Future

  • Information Literacy Create Task Forces in ELD and IATUL; Chair of the two Task Forces collaborates for future ideas

  • Joint Presentations and PublishingWrite Joint papers, Collaborative presentations on such topics

  • Continue to Create channels for exchanging ideas relevant to librarianship in technological universities

  • Any other ideas? What is the next step?

    IATUL members discuss on IATUL listserv?

Future directions1
Future Directions the Future

  • Share and Exchange ideas both on ELDNET-L and IATUL-L

    To subscribe to ELDNET-L(Electronic Discussion List sponsored by ELD)

    send the message to [email protected]:

    SUBscribe eldnet-l <yourfirstname yourlastname>

  • Create a database of Information expertise of IATUL members; ELD is currently working on such a database. (To facilitate communication)

Our contact information
Our Contact Information the Future

  • Vladimir BorovanskyArizona State University

    [email protected]

  • Jay BhattDrexel [email protected]


  • Please send your feedback, other ideas and suggestions to us.