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Development in Infancy

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Development in Infancy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Development in Infancy. 0-1month physical development. Reflexes-moro, rooting, grasping, stepping Swallowing, sucking, coughing, yawning, blinking, and elimination Maintains fetal position when sleeping Holds hands in fist Eyes do not always work together and may appear crossed at times

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0 1month physical development
0-1month physical development
  • Reflexes-moro, rooting, grasping, stepping
  • Swallowing, sucking, coughing, yawning, blinking, and elimination
  • Maintains fetal position when sleeping
  • Holds hands in fist
  • Eyes do not always work together and may appear crossed at times
  • Attempts to track objects
0 1 month speech and language
0-1 monthSpeech and Language
  • Crying and fussing
  • Reacting to loud noises
  • Shows preference for certain sounds (voices)
0 1 month social emotional
0-1 monthSocial-emotional
  • Short periods of alertness
  • Sleeps 17 to 19 hours a day
  • Likes to be held close and cuddled when awake
  • Individuality
  • Establishes an emotional bond with caregivers
  • Infant maybe tense with individual not comfortable with infants
0 1 more information
0-1more information
  • May enjoy bath
  • Express displeasure when clothes are pulled over head
  • Enjoys being swaddled
  • Enjoys face to face position
what to do with 0 1month old baby
What to do with 0-1month old baby?
  • Read baby’s cues
  • Make eye contact when baby is in alert state
  • Talk and sing to baby in normal voice when feeding changing, bathing
  • Recognize and show delight in baby’s responsiveness.
  • Show baby simple pictures-faces, stuffed animal and have them track them
1 4 month old physical
1-4 month old physical
  • Stepping reflexes disappears
  • Rooting and sucking reflexes are well developed
  • Drooling continues
  • Grasp reflex gradually disappears
  • Hold hand in open or semi-open position
  • Raises head and upper body on arms when in prone position
  • Turns head side to side when in a supine (face up) position
  • Upper body usually move active
  • Can be pulled to sitting position
1 4 months cognitive
1-4 months cognitive
  • Continues to gaze in direction of object after it disappears
  • Exhibits some sense of color, shape (bottle)
  • Does not search for object out of sight
  • Watches hands intently
  • Reaches for objects
  • Bats at objects in front of baby
  • Can distinguish parents’ faces
  • Begins to mouth objects
1 4 months language
1-4 months language
  • Infant will reacts to sounds
  • Babbles and coos
  • Coos single vowel sounds (ah, eh, uh)
  • Laughs out loud
  • Gurgles coos and squeals when awake
1 4 months social
1-4 monthssocial
  • Smiles
  • Enjoys playing with hands and toes and fingers
  • Needs familiar routines
  • Reaching out for familiar objects
  • Stops crying when caregiver is near
  • Enjoys being held
1 4 months other
1-4 monthsother
  • Not ready to eat solid foods
  • Begins to sleep through the night
  • Likes being talked and sang to.
what do i do with a 1 4 month old baby
What do I do with a 1-4 month old baby?
  • Smile with baby
  • Imitate vocal sounds of baby
  • Sing songs
  • Read to baby play peek a boo
  • Gently encourage motor activity “bicycle”
  • Walk around with baby
  • Get unbreakable mirrors, soft toys , musical toys


4 8 months physical
4-8 monthsphysical
  • Teeth begin to appear
  • True eye color is establishing itself
  • Blinking reflex
  • Moro reflex disappears
  • Parachute reflect appears toward end of this stage
  • Pincer grasp is beginning
  • Transfer objects from one hand to another
  • Palmer grasp
  • May hold own bottle
4 8months physical
4-8months physical
  • May sit alone with or without support
  • May pull self to crawling position
  • Rolls over from front to back and back to front
  • May scoot backwards when placed on stomach
  • Enjoys being in standing position
4 8 months cognitive
4-8 monthscognitive
  • Turns toward familiar sounds and voices
  • Reaches for objects
  • May wave
  • Depth perception is evident
  • Looks over side of crib if something is dropped (will drop things over side)
  • Searches for toy that has been hidden (object permanence)
  • Bangs and shakes objects
  • Puts everything in mouth
  • Attachment to caregiver
4 8 months language
4-8 months language
  • May respond to own name
  • May express some vowel and constant sounds
  • Responds to variations in others voices (anger, playfulness and sadness)
  • Babbles
  • Reacts to different noises (vacuum cleaner, phone, dog)
4 8 months social
4-8 months social
  • Watches people and activities
  • Can tell the difference between strangers and familiar people
  • Responses differently to facial expressions
  • Enjoys being held
  • Laughs out loud
  • Becomes upset if toys is taken aware
  • Seeks attention using body movements
4 8 months other
4-8 months other
  • Reaches for cup or spoon when feeding
  • May accept small amount of strained solid foods
  • Closes mouth firmly when not hungry or turns head
  • Enjoys pulling of clothes, socks and plays with velcro or string
  • Likes to kick, arch back, and bring feet to mouth
  • Likes to be bounces and swayed
  • Enjoys soft squeaky toys, rattles
  • Puts everything in mouth
what can i do with a 4 8 mouth old baby
What can I do with a 4-8 mouth old baby?
  • Use baby’s name
  • Provide toys-rattles, plastic keys, shakers, teethers,
  • Remember fist rule
  • Allow plenty of time for bathtime when possible
  • Play “This Little Piggy”
  • Play radio and taped music
  • Read and talk to baby
  • Name body parts, look in mirror, sing to baby
8 12 months physical
8-12 monthsphysical
  • Reaches with one had
  • Transfers object from one hand to another
  • Explores objects and environment
  • Uses pincer grasp
  • Beginning to pull to standing position
  • Beginning to stand alone (may be walking)
  • Crawls and creeps
  • Combat crawls

Walks with adult support

8 12 months cognitive
8-12 monthscognitive
  • Watches people, objects in environment
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Reaches for toys out of reach but visible
  • Puts everything in mouth
  • Hits two blocks together
  • Drops toys intentionally and repeatedly
  • Shows some spatial relationships
  • Shows awareness of everyday objects-toothbrush, turns pages in book
8 12 months language
8-12 months language
  • Says ma-ma and da-da
  • Babbles and jabbers
  • Shakes head for no
  • Responds to name when called
  • Babbling in sentences
  • Waves bye bye
  • Imitates sounds
  • Enjoys music, rhymes and songs
  • Hand adults objects
8 12 months social
8-12 monthssocial
  • Definite fear of strangers
  • Wants parents to be in sight
  • Social
  • Enjoys new experiences
  • May exhibit some assertiveness
  • Offers toys to others
  • Attached to favorite toy or blanket
  • Understands no
  • May look and smile at person saying his/her name
what do i do with a 8 12 month old baby
What do I do with a 8-12 month old baby?
  • Play games with music and song
  • Provide safe floor space close to parent or caregiver
  • Talk about activities
  • Give baby simple instructions
  • Accept new activity as game
  • Be patient
  • Give baby push-pull toys, balls , toys with wheels