countable or uncountable l.
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Countable or Uncountable?

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Countable or Uncountable? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Countable or Uncountable? . CEP 811 Jinny KimHan. Count Noun. The main difference between count and noncount nouns is whether or not the things they refer to can be counted. -A count noun is a noun that has both a singular and plural form.

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countable or uncountable

Countable or Uncountable?

CEP 811

Jinny KimHan

count noun
Count Noun

The main difference between count and noncount nouns is

whether ornot the things they refer to can be counted.

-A count noun is a noun that has both a singular and

plural form.

-Count nounsrefer tothings that can be divided up into

smaller unitswhich are separate and distinct from one


-Count nouns can be pluralized by adding a final -s to the


-Count nounsusually refer to what can individually be seen or

heard: table chair finger bottle crayon pencil. child, etc…

noncount noun
Noncount Noun
  • Noncount nouns refer to things that cannot be counted

because they are regarded as wholes which cannot be

divided into parts.

  • Noncount nouns cannot be not pluralized at all
  • They often refer to abstractions and occasionally have a

collective meaning: anger, warmth, leisure, education,

courage, weather, rice, equipment, advice, bread, etc...

click count nouns only
Click Count Nouns Only!
  • Air
  • House
  • Furniture
  • Cash
  • Lesson
  • Computer
  • Electricity
  • Religion
  • Toe
  • Improvement
  • Some abstract nouns can be either

a condition or process and can’t

count. For example, ambition,

analysis, basis, change, conflict,

death, difficulty, divorce, failure,

meaning, pain, sound, etc..


You are absolutely right!

The noun you chose can be counted.

That means that there can be more

than one of them.

sorry try again
Sorry~ Try Again!!
  • If the noun that you are talking about is made up of small particles (like sugar and rice) or is a liquid (like water or milk), or something that has no shape or size of its own, then you cannot count it easily.
oops try again
Oops~ Try Again!
  • If you are talking about a noun that names a thing, or idea that cannot be seen, touched or measured, it is called an abstract noun. Usually, these nouns don't take a noun marker.
try again
Try Again!
  • Even though it is easy to count money, it is a non-count noun! WHY?
  • One of the non-count nouns is the category name. Time, furniture, money and music belong to this kind of noun.
  • Time is a category name.  You can count days or hours or years or months, but you cannot count time. 
  • You can count chairs and tables, but you cannot count furniture
  • You can count dollars and pounds and yen, but you cannot count money.