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February 2012

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The Initiative for School Empowerment and Excellence (i4see) “ Empowering teachers, administrators, policy makers, and parents to increase student achievement. ”. February 2012. SHARING DATA – it’s all about the students. Note: Pictures are from clipart.

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February 2012

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february 2012

The Initiative for School Empowerment and Excellence (i4see)“Empowering teachers, administrators, policy makers, and parents to increase student achievement.”

February 2012

sharing data it s all about the students
SHARING DATA – it’s all about the students.

Note: Pictures are from clipart.

what has driven and continues to drive the data environment
What has driven (and continues to drive) the data environment…

Multiple Perspectives: The teacher’s perspective, the administrator’s perspective, the specialist, the district, the policy maker, the researcher, reporting requirements, etc.

collecting and using data
Collecting and using data.

i4see Data CollectionUsing Data

Note: Pictures are from clipart.

data collection

What Data is Collected?

  • i4see Submissions
  • Beginning of year enrollment and demographic data
  • Student course and class data
  • End of year attendance, suspension, graduation and post graduation plans
  • Additional information including data elements such as Title I involvement, advanced placement, student mobility, etc.
  • Integrated Data
  • Migrant, ELL, Special Ed, Career & Tech Ed, as well as other related data
  • Multiple Measures such as NECAP, NWEA, AIMSWEB, local benchmark assessments
  • Post Secondary Information

How is This Data Used?

  • To Improve Instruction!!
  • Equity Aid
  • AYP Determinations
  • Drop-out Analysis, Policy Analysis, etc.
the breadth of data tools
The breadth of data tools


district profiles public data
District profiles (public data)


longitudinal reports
Longitudinal reports


data collection and reports
Data Collection and Reports


growth model
“Growth model”


data flow let s first discuss what data and how the data gets into performanceplus
Data Flow(let’s first discuss what data and how the data gets into PerformancePLUS.

School sends data from SIS

to state i4see data warehouse

Lots of validation and cleansing.



Student data and assessment data

is stored in

DOE secure databases

Testing Companies send assessment

data to the NH DOE after signed release from LEA

Value Added Data becomes accessible

to LEA via DOE Single Sign On system, that ‘passes-thru’ user to Hosted PerformancePLUS system.



DOE formats data and sends nightly updates to PerformancePLUS

what data is transferred
What Data is transferred
  • We transfer data nightly to the PerformancePLUSsystem
    • Student Demographics
    • Student and Teacher Roster Data
    • Student Assessment Data (submitted periodically)
    • Student Group Data (submitted annually, unless specified)
      • IEP Status (monthly), LEP status, Homeless Indicator, Free & Reduced Lunch Indicator, 21st CCLC program, college enrollment, attendance, and suspension
data transfer cont
Data transfer (cont.)
  • Additionally, schools submit their own data
    • Local Assessments
    • Locally created student groups
    • Response to Instruction / Intervention Data
  • Schools can also enter their own curriculum and instruction maps in curriculumCONNECTOR

Schools can then use this data to inform instruction…

Upload Frequency

how are districts accessing data
How are districts accessing data….
  • Performance Tracker
    • Dashboard
    • Reports
    • Students
    • RTI
  • Assessment Builder
  • Curriculum Connector
performance tracker
  • Easy to access reports
  • Aggregate or disaggregate display of multiple assessments
      • National, State, Local, Class
  • Individualized Student Assessment Portfolios
  • Ability to track interventions
  • Track standards-based performance
assessment builder
  • Create assessments using the P+ bank of questions (content library) aligned to the NH standards
  • Create and store local questions
  • Enter local assessment results into Performance Tracker
  • Create and print bubble sheets on plain paper for scanning results; OLA, an online assessment option, is available
curriculum connector
  • Curriculum Mapping Tool
      • Allows schools and districts to develop and share a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum including units, lessons and assessments
growth percentile
Growth Percentile
  • Needs 2 consecutive years of testing
  • Applies for students Gr. 4-8 Reading, Math
  • Not good for writing
  • If new student in 7th grade (came from private or out-of-state school) won’t work
performance plus individual students
Performance PLUS: individual Students

Note: Data in this picture is fictitious.

examples of district uses
  • Teachers in Gilford analyze student performance in their anticipated classes prior to student arrival in the fall.
  • Timberlaneprovided access to parents.
  • Hooksett used common assessments in math to drive instruction.
  • Derry performed a multi-year initiative to drive instruction based upon data -- increasing student performance for special education.
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