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Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) - Austria. March 2014. 1. JKU Management Team. Univ.Prof. DDr. Herbert Kalb Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs. Dr. Barbara Romauer Vice-Rector of Finance. o.Univ.Prof. Dr. DI Richard Hagelauer Rector. Univ.Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kotsis

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Jku management team
JKU Management Team

Univ.Prof. DDr. Herbert Kalb

Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs

Dr. Barbara Romauer

Vice-Rector of Finance

o.Univ.Prof. Dr. DI Richard Hagelauer Rector

Univ.Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kotsis

Vice-Rector of Research

o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Friedrich Roithmayr

Vice-Rector for International Affairs

Knowledge needs expanse foundation of the university
Knowledge needs expanse – Foundation of the University

  • 1962: The „Academy of Social and Economic Sciences in Linz“ was established and confirmed by legal statute

  • 1966: Start of study programs

  • 1975: Foundation of the third faculty, the Faculty of Law;

    University senate decides in favour of the name „Johannes Kepler University of Linz“ (JKU Linz)

Jku vision
JKU Vision

  • Socio-Political Responsibility

  • Science and ResearchTimes Higher Education Ranking has positioned JKU „100 under 50“ on position 64

  • Education

  • Internationalisation

  • Driving Management Strategies

Times higher education ranking 2013
Times Higher Education Ranking 2013

  • JKU and Medical University of Vienna only Austrian universities in the top 100

  • JKU Nr. 64 worldwide

  • JKU Nr. 6 in German speaking area

  • brilliant value in the fields

    • Citations (59,3/100)

    • International outlook (59/100)

Microsoft field ranking 2014 jku under top 50
Microsoft Field Ranking - 2014 JKU under Top 50

  • Microsoft Academic Search, has ranked JKU in the field "Software Engineering" at Position 34 under 3335 ranked institutions worldwide.

  • In the field ranking JKU is close with Stanford University, University of Zurich, Peking University, RWTH Aachen, MIT Boston.

Top ranking in economics
Top ranking in economics

  • Handelsblatt- Ranking position 75

  • 3 Researchers under the top 100 in Europe

  • Best Austrian researchers in economics

    position 1: o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Friedrich Schneiderposition 2: Univ. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Winter-Ebmerposition 3: Univ.Prof. Joseph Francis Francois Ph.D.position 34: Priv.Doz. Dr. René Böheimposition 41: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Doris Weichselbaumerposition 42: Priv.Doz. Dr. Johann Scharlerposition 47: o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Michael Landesmannposition 52: o.Univ.Prof. DDr. Johann K. Brunnerposition 55: Univ.Prof. Dr. Christine Zulehner

Jku science park1
JKU Science Park



Mensa building

Entanglement between nature and infrastructure

The jku at a glance
The JKU at a glance

  • 4Faculties (119 Institutes)

    • FacultyofSocialSciences, Economics and Business

    • Law Faculty

    • Facultyof Engineering and Natural Sciences

    • Medical Faculty

  • 19.400 students~ 11 % international students

  • 62 Bachelor-, Master- und PhDprograms

  • Cooperationwithover 250 partneruniversities in over 50 countries

  • 2.670 Employees(over 120 fullprofessors, over 1.300 academicfaculty)

  • Income 2013: 136 Mio. Euro


National and international students



third countries

Faculty of social sciences economics and business
Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business

  • Academic staff: about 300

  • About 7.970 students

  • About 870 alumni per year

  • Fields of Excellences

    • Management

    • Social Systems and Welfare Policy

    • Labour Markets and Economic Policy (SHARE Project, 15 MIO €; …)

    • Innovation support

Faculty of social sciences economics and business programs
Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Programs

  • Humanities and Cultural Studies:

    • Humanities and Cultural Studies (Doctorate Degree Program)

    • Cultural Studies (Bachelor's Degree Program)

    • Political Education (Master's Degree Program)

Faculty of social sciences economics and business programs1
Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Programs

  • Social Sciences, Economics and Business:

    • Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (Master's Degree Program)

    • Digital Business Management (Master's Degree Program)

    • Finance and Accounting (Master's Degree Program)

    • Economics (Master's Degree)

    • General Management (Master's Degree)

    • Global Business (Master's Degree)

    • Management and Applied Economics (Master's Degree)

    • PhD Program in Economics (Doctorate Program)

Faculty of social sciences economics and business programs2
Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Programs

  • Social and Economic Sciences (Doctorate Program)

  • Social Economics (Bachelor’s Degree Program and Master’s Degree)

  • Sociology (Bachelor’s Degree Program and Master's Degree Program)

  • Statistics (Bachelor’s Degree Program and Master's Degree Program)

  • Business Informatics (Bachelor’s Degree Program and Master's Degree Program)

  • Business Education (Diploma Degree Program)

  • Business and Economics (Bachelor's Degree Program)

  • Interdisciplinary Degree Programs:

    • Web Sciences (Master's Degree Program)

  • Faculty of law
    Faculty of Law

    • Academic staff: about 90

    • About 7.440 students

    • Multimedia Diploma Study Program in law through e-learning

    • About 330 alumni per year

    • Fields of Excellences

      • Business and Tax Law

      • Intellectual Property Right (IPR)

      • Economic Law

      • Faculty members are judge in Constiutional court

    Faculty of law programs
    Faculty of Law - Programs

    • Law (DiplomaDegreeProgramandDoctorateDegreeProgram)

    • Legal and Business Aspects in Technics (Master’s Degree Program)

    • Taxation (Master‘sDegreeProgram)

    • Business Law (Bachelor‘sDegreeProgram)

    Academic degree programs in humanities and cultural studies interdisciplinary programs
    Academic Degree Programs in Humanities and Cultural Studies & Interdisciplinary Programs

    • Humanitiesand Cultural Studies (DoctorateDegreeProgram)

    • Cultural Studies (Bachelor‘sDegreeProgram)

    • Political Education (Master‘sDegreeProgram)


    • Web Sciences (Master‘sDegreeProgram)

    Faculty of engineering and natural sciences
    Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences & Interdisciplinary Programs

    • Academic staff: about 170

    • About 4.070 students

    • About 540 alumni per year

    • Fields of Excellences

      • Computation in Informatics and Mathematics

      • Mechatronics and Information Processing

      • Nano-, Bio- and Polymer Systems: from structure to function

    Faculty of engineering and natural sciences programs
    Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences & Interdisciplinary ProgramsPrograms

    • Chemistry (Biological, Polymer, Technical, Industrial Engineering)

    • Computer Science (Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Network Administration and Security, Pervasive Computing, Software Engineering)

    • Information Electronics

    • Polymer Engineering and Technologies (Polymer Engineering and Technologies, Polymer Technologies and Science, Management in Polymer Technologies)

    Faculty of engineering and natural sciences programs1
    Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences & Interdisciplinary ProgramsPrograms

    • Mathematics (Computer Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Mathematics for Natural Sciences, Technical Mathematics)

    • Mechatronics

    • Physics (Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Molecular BioSciences, Nanoscience and Technology, Technical Physics)

    • Teacher Education Studies in Engineering and Natural Sciences TeachingSubjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Computer Science Management

    Medical faculty
    Medical Faculty & Interdisciplinary Programs

    • Start of the study program in October 2014 with 60 students

    • Cooperation project with the medical university of Graz

    • Stepwise increasing with 300 beginners in 2022/2023

    Accreditation audit a competitive advantage
    Accreditation/Audit – a competitive advantage & Interdisciplinary Programs

    • Accreditations/Audits are of increasing importance in the field of Higher Education

    • Accreditations/Audits are a competitive advantage of an universitiy

    • Study programmes are accredited

    • JKU Linz accredited the study programmes Bachelor Business Informatics and Master Business Informatics in 2011

    • Further accreditations are planned

    Some important strategic partners
    Some Important Strategic Partners & Interdisciplinary Programs

    • Voest Alpine (Surface Analytics)

    • Infineon (Microelectronics, Mobile Phones)

    • Siemens (Software Engineering)

    • Borealis and OMV (Polymer Chemistry and Processing)

    • Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi (Polymer Chemistry)

    • Oracle (System Software)

    • .....

    The global network is the value of jku
    The Global Network is the value of JKU & Interdisciplinary Programs

    partneruniversities all overtheworld







    non profitorganizations

    different cultures


    Research partners selection
    Research Partners (selection) & Interdisciplinary Programs

    • Russia: St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University National Research University, Nizhny Novgorod

    • Taiwan: National Sun-Yatsen University

    • Canada: University of Victoria

    • South Africa: University of Cape Town

    • USA: Emory University

    • Peru: Universidad Ricardo Palma

    • Spain: Universidad de Alcalá

    International cooperation
    International Cooperation & Interdisciplinary Programs

    • Partnership agreements: ~ 250 in 50 countries

    • Incomings/Outgoings: ~ 280/340 p.a.

    • Joint/Double Degree Programs with the University of South Bohemia: Joint Bachelor & Master Programs „Biological Chemistry“; Master Program „Bioinformatics“

    • University Eindhoven (NL) and Kaiserslautern (D): European School for Industrial Mathematics (ESIM)

    Study programs in english language
    Study Programs in English Language & Interdisciplinary Programs

    Thank you for your attention
    Thank you for your attention! & Interdisciplinary Programs