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CLASH: London calling!

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CLASH: London calling! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CLASH: London calling!. Welcome to the 2013 CLASH Science Team Meeting. Royal Astronomical Society – Burlington House. Thank you UCL LOC!. Ofer Lahav (LOC Chair) Amira Val Baker Joanna Fabbri Alexandra Fanghanel Lucinda Clerkin Manda Banerji Iftach Sadeh. Thank you, Beth!.

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CLASH: London calling!

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CLASH: London calling!

Welcome to the

2013 CLASH Science Team Meeting

Royal Astronomical Society – Burlington House

thank you ucl loc
Thank you UCL LOC!

OferLahav (LOC Chair)

Amira Val Baker

Joanna Fabbri

Alexandra Fanghanel

Lucinda Clerkin



thank you beth
Thank you, Beth!

Please sign picture frame for Beth Perriello – the CLASH Program Coordinator who has helped schedule and implement all of the CLASH observations.

See Steve Rodney for when and where.

holland ford was awarded nasa s distinguished public service medal

Holland Ford was awarded NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal!

For his outstanding contributions to the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Distinguished Public Service Medal is NASA's highest form of recognition, awarded to someone who has made a profound impact on the success of a NASA mission.

welcome to a few new collaborators and participants
Welcome to a few new collaborators and participants
  • Marianna Annunziatella (OATS INAF)
  • MandaBanerji (UCL)
  • Thomas Connor (MSU)
  • Kevin Fogarty (JHU)
  • Jorge Gonzalez (PUC, Chile)
  • Barbara Sartoris (OATS INAF)
  • BingxiaoXu (JHU)
  • Bodo Ziegler (U. Vienna)
meeting objectives
Meeting Objectives
  • Share new results and coordinate our research activities.

wordle image created from the abstracts of all CLASH team papers

meeting objectives1
Meeting Objectives

34 refereed papers to date.

350 Citations to CLASH team papers (as of 9-Sep-2013)

meeting objectives2
Meeting Objectives
  • Full ensemble analyses: need to now concentrate on projects that span the full x-ray selected sample or the total sample of 25 clusters. Whatever cool idea you have for 1 or 2 clusters will be that much better (and more compelling) when applied to full sample. Discuss who, what, and when at this meeting.
meeting objectives3
Meeting Objectives
  • Constraints on the nature of dark matter. Two papers on this already – one by community (Pacucci+13) and one by us (Sartoris+13). What more can we do?
meeting objectives4
Meeting Objectives
  • High-z galaxies: We’ve rocked the field, now must take it further. FFI (= CLASH2.0) is very exciting but so is follow-up of CLASH1.0 sample. Must optimize team roles in both.
  • More effort on analysis 1 < z < 5 lensed galaxies.
  • Cluster physics and scaling relations: joint lensing – X-ray – SZ – kinematics analyses very timely. DES, Planck, etc. Exciting results in hand. Discuss plans for papers.
meeting objectives5
Meeting Objectives
  • Delivery of high-level data products to community: spec-z catalogs and 1-D spectra, X-ray images and derived parameters, Subaru catalogs and images, mm-wave (SZE) data and parameters, Spitzer catalogs and images.
  • Delivery of these data products remains a key expectation for our MCT program. HST products being well used but community is asking for more. Need to finalize the plan and set specific milestones at this meetingfor the releases of all ancillary CLASH data.
meeting objectives6
Meeting Objectives
  • Plan for upcoming meetings in 2014:
    • Jan 2014: Special CLASH-CANDELS session at AAS (DC)
    • Jan 2014: The Evolution of Galaxy Clusters and Cluster Galaxies in the Epoch of Large Optical/IR Surveys (Sesto)
    • Feb 2014: Unveiling the Formation of Massive Galaxies (Aspen Center for Physics)
    • Feb 2014: The Near Field – Deep Field Connection (Irvine, CA)
    • Mar 2014: Science with HST IV (Rome)
    • May 2014: The Olympian Symposium on Star Formation (Greece)
    • July 2014: Galaxies in 3D across the Universe (Vienna)
meeting objectives7
Meeting Objectives
  • Keep the band together! HST program may be done but VLT program is ongoing. This team is too #$%@ good to fade away just yet! We must strive to keep this fantastic collaboration active and engaged for another 2 years. CLASH is a legacy science endeavor and there is much work still to be done!