welcome to open house n.
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WELCOME to Open House! PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME to Open House!

WELCOME to Open House!

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WELCOME to Open House!

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  1. WELCOME to Open House! Ms. Bowling

  2. Routines • Folders-Take Home Folders go home every night. Homework, announcements from the school or teacher, weekly newsletters, and Spelling Contracts are in the yellow folders and should be checked every night. • Tests will go home in the folders bi-weekly. Any grade that is a D or F, must be signed, corrected with student, and returned to school. • Agenda-Sign daily for homework and behavior colors • Homework-Speller’s Contract as well as items not finished in class. No homework on Friday. Students should be reading 20 minutes per night daily.

  3. Grading Scale • 93-100% A • 85-92% B • 74-84% C • 67-74% D • 0-66 % F • You can keep track of your child’s progress throughout the year by going to

  4. Conferences • If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please set up a conference with me. I am unable to discuss your individual child’s progress tonight due to confidentiality laws. I will be happy to discuss any concerns in a one on one environment. Everyone has had a great start to the school year. If I have had any concerns about your child, I would have made contact with you already. If you would like to set up a conference, please write a note, call the school, or send me an email.

  5. Classroom Management • Behavior Chart-Students start their day on green and move up for good behavior and down the chart for behavior that needs to be modified. • Reward Recess is earned by having Green or Blue all week. One Yellow will be accepted, but no oranges or reds • Students can also earn other rewards at different times of the year • Consequences include reflection lunch/recess, parent contact, and office referrals.

  6. Schedule • Pull Outs daily (wear tennis shoes for PE on Tuesdays and Fridays) • Guidance Counselor (3rd week of the month on Monday) • Extra art every other week • Health once every other month

  7. Classroom Parties • 2 parties per year • Winter (Christmas) • Spring (Easter) • We do not have a Valentine’s Day party but we do exchange cards. • For birthdays we sing and will share cupcakes or cookies. Please bring napkins or plates. I do not cut cakes due to limited instructional time. You may also bring 1 drink per student. • Right now we have 21 students but that number may go up or down by 1 or 2 throughout the year

  8. Field Trips • We will take 2 field trips that will be determined in the near future. • Limited chaperones (please read the permission slips carefully with regards to being a chaperone)

  9. Miscellaneous • Money (envelope with child’s name, teacher’s name, and what the money is to be used for) • Scholastic book orders • PLEASE RETURN PARENT SURVEYS!!!! VERY IMPORTANT! • Anchor Texts (Helen Keller and The Stories Julian Tells) Amazon • Please return any other papers and or supply fees that were given out at meet the teacher or the first day in the blue Whispering Forest Folders.

  10. Communication • EMAIL is the best way to reach me and get a quick response. I try to answer all concerns quickly but Email is by far the easiest. My email address is • Note inside yellowtake home folder • Call me at school and leave a message • Call my cell and leave a message (I will not answer during the school day and will respond to your message after school) 337-257-8657 • Face to face conferences can be set up before or after school depending on your/my schedules that week, or I am always available for phone conferences. • My Teacher Website is • Contacting me first is the best way to have your concerns resolved. Thank you in advance!!

  11. Thank you!!! • Thank you for all that you do to help support your child’s learning. Our school Theme this year is Teaming Up for Learning. You are a very important part of this Whispering Forest Team!!