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SHIPMENT. LETTERS. 第五组 :曹苗苗 梁丹丹 王美娟 张方方 李家睆 陈晓娟. Basics of shipment. 1.Indispensable article in a business contract: time,port,means,documents 2.Means: marine shipment, railway shipment and air shipment 3.Responsibilities of seller:charter,book

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第五组:曹苗苗 梁丹丹

王美娟 张方方

李家睆 陈晓娟

basics of shipment
Basics of shipment

1.Indispensable article in a business contract:


2.Means:marine shipment,railway shipment

and air shipment

3.Responsibilities of seller:charter,book

space---forwarding agent:shipping

instructions,shipping advice

pattern of shipment letters
Pattern of shipment letters
  • 说明相关信用证已经开立(Stating that the relative L/C has been opened)
  • 说明立即装运的必要性和理由(Stating the necessity and reasons of immediate shipment)
  • 提示迟装对生意有害,希望对方早日装运(Stating the harm to business if shipping is delayed and wishing the seller to ship the goods early)
pattern of reply letters to buyer s shipment requirement
Pattern of reply letters to buyer's shipment requirement
  • 通知对方合同项下的货物已于某日由某轮装运(Informing the buyer that the goods under XX contract have been shipped via S.S.XX on XX date)
  • 告诉买方何种单据已寄出(Advising the buyer what shipping documents have been sent)
  • 希望货物平安到达(Wishing the goods to arrive in good condition)
  • 感谢买方订货并希望再次受到对方的订单(Thanking the buyer for their order and wishing te receive their repeat orders)
sample letter 1 buyer asking for immediate shipment
Sample letter 1:Buyer asking for immediate shipment

Dear Sirs,

Contract No.3485

Referring our previous letters,we wish to call your attention to the

fact that up to the present moment no news has come from you

about the shipment under the subject contract.(提及以前的函电和


As you have been informed in one of our previous letters,the users

are in urgent need of the goods contracted and are in fact pressing

us for a timely delivery.(解释及时交货的重要性)


Under the circumstances,it is not possible for us to further extend our L/C No.8769,which expires on 2nd May,and we are obliged to remind you of this matter once


As your prompt attention to shipment is most desirable to all parties concerned,we

hope you will let us have your shipping advice without delay.(希望早日发货)

Yours faithfully,

sample letter 2 seller explaining the delay of shipment
Sample letter 2:Seller explaining the delay of shipment

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letter of 30 March requesting earlier

delivery of goods under your purchase contract No.954.


We have contracted the shipping company and regret to

tell you that we are unable to comply with your request.

We have been informed that there is no available space

on ships sailing from here to your port before 25 April.



We are very sorry that we are unable to advance

shipment .We will,however,do everything possible

to ensure that the goods are shipped within the

contracted time.(表示遗憾,但表示尽快交货)

Yours faithfully,

sample letter 3 shipping advice
Sample letter 3:Shipping Advice

Dear Sirs,

30 Tons Steel

We are now pleased to inform you that we have shipped

the above goods on board S.S.'Swan',which sails for

your port tomorrow.(通知卖方货已发出)

Enclosed is one set of the shipping documents covering

this consignment,which includes:

One non-negotiable copy of B/L

Commercial invoice in duplicate

One copy of Certificate of Quality

One copy of Insurance policy


The original of which are being sent to you through

our banks.(附寄装船单据)

We are glad to have been able to execute your order

as contracted and trust that the goods will reach you

in good time to meet your urgent need and that they

will turn out to your entire satisfaction.(希望货物另对方


We take this opportunity to assure you of our prompt

attention in handing your future orders.(表示对以后的订


Yours faithfully,