social media is no longer nice if you can afford n.
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Social Media is No Longer Just "Nice if You Can Afford It" PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media is No Longer Just "Nice if You Can Afford It"

Social Media is No Longer Just "Nice if You Can Afford It"

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Social Media is No Longer Just "Nice if You Can Afford It"

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  1. Social Media is No Longer “Nice if You Can Afford It” Twitter: @chrisabraham Google+: Facebook: LinkedIn: @chrisabraham

  2. Proprietary and Confidential Chris Abraham @chrisabraham @gerrisdigital 2 +1 202-351-1235

  3. Clients +1 202-351-1235

  4. My Personal Digital PR Philosophy Find people where they live (and meet them there even if it’s a forum or message board) • Explore the long tail (there are millions of people blogging, sharing, and posting online – and PR tends to pile on the same 100 “influentials”) – “We want you to take 50 million of us as seriously as you take one reporter from The Wall Street Journal” • (#83 of the 95 Theses from The Cluetrain Manifesto) • Spoil everyone (like you would Guy Kawasaki) • Be grateful (nobody is required to help you) • +1 202-351-1235 @chrisabraham #ltbo 4

  5. Nobody Knows You’re a Dog +1 202-351-1235 5

  6. What Do You Want to Do? Build brand awareness? • Increase community engagement? • Prospect new brand ambassadors? • Drive sales, traffic, membership? • Drive conversation volume? • Improve organic search? • Get a feel for your neighborhood? • Launch a new product, service, investment? • SEO? • +1 202-351-1235 6

  7. Campaign Questions Goal: what is it you need to do? • Monitor: what are you looking to find? • • Discover: where are people talking? • Learn: who are these talking people? • Collect: what groups do you need? • Engage: how best to connect? • Outreach: how best to pitch? • Analyze: how did you do? +1 202-351-1235 7

  8. Look Before You Leap Google Search is the best tool to get a feel – When it comes down to it, Google does an amazing job of giving you a 30,000-foot view of the blogosphere • Spend some time understanding the space – It’s not always obvious how people engage with you, your brand, your space, or your industry. Allow your community to lead your exploration; do not be willful: people don’t always use your language – Include message boards, forums, etc., in your recon • Try out all the tools: it’s a buyer’s market – SDL SM2, Radian6, Sysomos, Sprout Social, Lithium • +1 202-351-1235 8

  9. Social Networking Services Social media is becoming an essential pulse point for Google and other organic search engines Google+ Page – the least popular by arguably most important for influencing Google’s organic search results • Google Profile – Google’s algorithm has changed; Google requires that each contribution is backed by an identifiable “author” • YouTube Channel – The 2nd largest search engine with results that come up in routine Google search • LinkedIn Page – LinkedIn is a powerful and search optimized • Facebook Page – SEO optimized and a powerful platform to prepare in case you need to message during a crisis • Twitter – Ditto • +1 202-351-1235

  10. Become a Publishing Empire Blogging – as long as it’s on a separate domain • Publishing – many online magazines accept articles – Huffington Post, Medium, BuzzFeed, Forbes, etc • Aggregation – some sites aggregate “best of” content – Business2Community and others repurposed good content – Many feed their content to Google News and Yahoo News • News Source – apply to become a wire service – You can apply to be a source for Google News • Cross-Pollination – many hands make light work – Sharing up – National offices can aggregate best of content from regionals – Sharing down – regional offices could share general news – Share laterally – cross-pollinating across regional • +1 202-351-1235

  11. Influencer Marketing • Identify, and engage the most influential people in your space no matter how niche • Find people in their communities and engage and influence them there • Influencers share across multiple platforms • Influencers often include bloggers, reporters, trade writers, journalists, YouTubers, forum members, tweeters, passion players, hobbyists, Facebookers, list owners, redditors, and plussers +1 202-351-1235

  12. Finding People Where They Live Social media is much bigger than Facebook – There are a multitude of social networks, self-run message boards, threads deep in reddit, and ad-hoc discussions everywhere online (, etc.) • If it exists, there is blog of it (Rule 34 variant) – There are more than a billion active blogs worldwide • Always start with Google • Influencer discovery – GroupHigh – – Little Bird – – InkyBee – – eCairn – • +1 202-351-1235 12

  13. Influencer Marketing Bloggers and other influencers are willing to bend over backward to help out – for free (that’s what earned media means) Online Engagement – people collect and self-organize – find them! – Facebook & LinkedIn Groups, Pinterest boards, Flickr groups, online forums • Blogger Outreach – if it exists, there’s a blog about it – Include the long tail – reach out to hundreds of bloggers and not merely top-25 • Content Marketing – creating stories others will post and share – Guest Blogger – Infographic – Videos – Events – Pledge Drives • +1 202-351-1235

  14. Halyard Health Case Study Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care) needed help promoting their health care–associated infection microsite in the English, Latin American Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking market • Through a combined social media and blogger outreach campaign, Gerris doubled traffic and a first page, number 4, placement when searching for “health care–associated infection” on Google • Gerris discovered all the relevant blogs and influencers germane to the issue of HAIs, immunodeficiency, and infection and engaged them, earning their posts, tweets, and likes across both the US and Latin American market • +1 202-351-1235

  15. Mizuno Running Case Study Mizuno was virtually unknown in the US, with 7% brand favorability and a $1.5 million marketing budget — just 1% of category spend • 80% of runners already know the brand and model of running shoe they intend to buy before they shop • Gerris identified both the top running bloggers and athletes as well as anyone and everyone blogging about running • Every blogger received a free pair of shoes to try, to give them the Mezamashii “brilliant run” experience as well as shoes to share with readers • 133 earned media blog posts, 1,350 Tweets, 40 other earned media mentions over 6 weeks • Brand favorability grew 54%, from 7% to 10.8%, in the first 5 weeks • +1 202-351-1235

  16. Your First Born to Google You can only win search by winning social • An engaged social media followership is the only way to let Google know your website isn’t part of the spammer robot army zombie horde Google Will Reward Your Honesty a Thousand-Fold • Join AdWords, even if you don't plan to advertise • Join AdSense, even if you don't plan to host ads on your website • Join Google Webmaster tools and add and verify all of your sites • Join Google Analytics and fully implement tracking software on all the sites you have access to • Be sure to register for Google+ • Fill out everything about yourself, especially everything Google asks your Google Account page -- everything, don't be shy or try to rush through it • Make sure you connect all of your blogs, published and social accounts at Google Connected Accounts • If you're especially canny, you can take the bold step of submitting your blogs to Google to be considered as a news source for Google News +1 202-351-1235

  17. Final Words “Hugs not horns” – Chris Abraham “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” – Philo of Alexandria (or Plato or Ian MacLaren or John Watson) +1 202-351-1235 17

  18. Proprietary and Confidential THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS? YES, YOU CAN START WITH ME: Chris Abraham @chrisabraham +1 202-352-5051 Gerris digital @gerrisdigital 18 +1 202-351-1235