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Can I Afford It??? PowerPoint Presentation
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Can I Afford It???

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Can I Afford It??? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Can I Afford It???
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  1. Can I Afford It??? A Math Project by Ahmad Keshk.

  2. Air Force Pilot • My career in the Air Force is a pilot. A pilot could be flying in a fighter, surveillance, bomber, reconnaissance, or airlift aircraft. • A pilot can have a salary range from about $20,000 to $200,000 depending on rank. In my case I am coming out of college as an officer, and I will make around $29,250/year and $2,438/month including taxes . Without taxes I would have made $39,000/year.

  3. Housing • I will be living on Scott AFB in Illinois. The base has small communities with an airport. Since I’m unmarried, I will live in the dorms. The dorm will have furniture provided. I will not have to pay rent or utilities, but I do have to pay for a phone, internet, and cable service. AT&T offers a package for $99/month.

  4. Food (Average Cost) • I plan on eating most of my meals at home. I will be eating out twice a month at a restaurant. • My groceries for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner are about $450/month. • For eating out twice a month it will be $100/month.

  5. Transportation • For my transportation, I will be leasing a Chevy Camaro for 39 months. The payments will be $267/month. • The car insurance will be about $50/month. • Gas cost will be about $160/monthly. The car maintenance will be about $10/month for an oil change every 3 months.

  6. Entertainment • I will be reading 8 books per month which will cost $120. I’ll go to the movies 4 times a month costing me around $80/month. • I will save $67/month for an Xbox 360 elite ($300) and a 42” plasma TV ($500). I will save $50/month for one video game. • I will save $100/month for a Mac Book Pro laptop for $1,200.

  7. Miscellaneous • For travel I will be given 30 days of vacation time. Airmen can travel on a transport type aircraft to many places around the world for FREE. These transport type aircrafts are at military bases. Since I live in Illinois, I will have to fly to Travis AFB in California to fly free to Hawaii. • Roundtrip ticket from Illinois to California is $300. Hotel and meals per day run about $200 total. I would have to save $525/month for the total cost of the vacation. • For charity I could afford to pay $7/month.

  8. Personal & Health • For clothing I will be spending $56/month. • For toilettes I will spend $50/month. • For haircuts I will spend $30/month. • Since the military promotes good physical health, there are gyms on base that are free of charge.

  9. Savings (Estimate of monthly expenses given) • An estimate of my monthly expenses below, $532 in Miscellaneous $99 in Housing $550 in Food + $140 in Personal & Health $500 in Transportation $417 in Entertainment $2,238 total monthly expenses • My monthly wages $2,438.00- $2,238.00 $200 equals my monthly savings.

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  11. Analysis • Based on this project I believe I could have the kind of lifestyle that I want. I could live comfortably on this budget for the first couple of years. Because with just starting a new job my focus will solely be on doing well and advancing in rank. As long as I’m in the military, my salary will continue to grow and the benefits are an added bonus. • I’m happy with my budget because it allows me to have the necessities that I need. I’m able to save $200/month. I have 30 days of vacation time where I could travel to a beautiful place. Finally, I am able to afford luxury items like a laptop and a plasma TV. • Being in the military has many benefits such as healthcare, advancement in career, travel, and education. Not to mention being able to fly a 42 million to a 1.4 billion dollar plane.

  12. Sources • • Life as an Air Force Fighter Pilot by Robert C. Kennedy • • • • The Air Force and military careers by Wilson Camelo • Air Force Officer’s Guide 35th edition by Col. Jeffrey C. Benton, USAF (Ret.) • •