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Gerris Corp Comprehensive Capabilities Deck by Chris Abraham

Gerris Corp is digitally native, though our mastery of digital is expansive, from online reputation management (ORM) to search engine marketing (SEM); from social media marketing (SMM) to influencer outreach and engagement; from SEO strategy to Wikipedia management. Please page through our capabilities deck and let us know how we can help you.

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Gerris Corp Comprehensive Capabilities Deck by Chris Abraham

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  1. Capabilities Deck info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  2. Services • Internet forensics • Influencer marketing and outreach • Blogger outreach • Social media and message board marketing & strategy • Community, blog, social media, and Wikipedia management • Online brand amplification • Book promotion • Search engine marketing • Online reputation and identity management • Content marketing • Inbound marketing • Training & consulting • Search engine optimization info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  3. Internet Forensics • Uncover anonymous online identities • Reveal owners of privately registered domains • Track down sources of anonymous posts • Discover sources of anonymized attacks or negative reviews • Find out if your critics are real or if they are your competitors • Combine with online reputation management to combat online crises info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  4. FedEx Case Study • FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor video went viral on YouTube • Client wanted the identity of the anonymous person behind a viral video depicting a FedEx driver throwing a computer monitor over the wall of a residence • We tracked down the original post (reddit) and followed breadcrumbs to the original source • Following digital trails, we found his real name, contact info, address, and biographical information (air show photographer, husband, and owner of two labs) info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  5. Influencer Marketing • We can research, identify, and engage the most influential people in your space no matter how niche • We find people in their communities and engage and influence them there We routinely get them to blog, tweet, pin, review, Facebook, Google+, and post on your behalf • Most influencers share across multiple platforms • We have been doing earned media influencer marketing since 2003 • Influencers often include bloggers, reporters, trade writers, journalists, YouTubers, forum members, tweeters, passion players, hobbyists, Facebookers, list owners, redditors, and plussers info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  6. Halyard Health Case Study Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care) needed help promoting their health care–associated infection microsite in the English, Latin American Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking market Through a combined social media and blogger outreach campaign, Gerris doubled traffic and a first page, number 4, placement when searching for “health care–associated infection” on Google Gerris discovered all the relevant blogs and influencers germane to the issue of HAIs, immunodeficiency, and infection and engaged them, earning their posts, tweets, and likes across both the US and Latin American market • • • info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  7. Multilingual Capabilities • Blogger and influencer outreach works outside the United States and in other languages than English • We have been doing blogger outreach, influencer marketing, content marketing, online community management, and social media marketing since 2007 • Language is not enough, each country is both made up of language and culture – Languages have included Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, German, Russian, French, Spanish – Cultures have included Polish, Portugal, Argentinian, Colombian, Australian, New Zealand, English, Welsh, Scottish, German, Austrian, Swiss, French, Mexican, Hispanic, Chicano, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, and others info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  8. Blogger Outreach • We identify and engage all the germane blogs on behalf of our clients with three immediate goals – Secure earned media mentions on hundreds of blogs, online media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc – Touch thousands of people in both your current market space as well as aspirational markets for current and future growth – True white-hat SEO, powerfully effective even post-Panda and Penguin Google algorithms • We can identify bloggers based on demographic, psychographic, or geographic requirements • Our clients have been local, national, international, and even global in many languages and across many cultures info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  9. A-List Blogger Outreach • People are talking about you (and your product) no matter how niche your vertical • Discovering these influencers where they live and engaging them with what they want is Gerris’ expertise • We have over a decade of experience identifying, befriending, and engaging top-level influencers on behalf of clients • Gerris specializes in earned media campaigns, earning you the most authentic reputations based on interest, engagement, and excitement info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  10. Long-Tail Blogger Outreach Influence exists much deeper than just the top 25 journalists, reporters, and bloggers—upward of 4,000+ – “We want you to take 50 million of us as seriously as you take one reporter from The Wall Street Journal”—Cluetrain Manifesto There are thousands of influencers germane to your launch, software, product, service, brand, book, app—no matter how niche Gerris can identify and engage all the way down the long tail into conversations and blogs that are deep in the conversation Clients include Mizuno, Sage, Kimberly-Clark, Alzheimer’s Association, Fotolia, The Fresh Air Fund, Habitat for Humanity, HSN, International Medical Corps, Mitsubishi, OLX, Brandsclub, Sharp, Snapple, Snuggle, US Olympic Committee, AAFMAA, Unity Productions, StockTouch, The Daily, NAHB, XYIENCE • • • • info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  11. Mizuno Running Case Study Mizuno was virtually unknown in the US, with 7% brand favorability and a $1.5 million marketing budget — just 1% of category spend 80% of runners already know the brand and model of running shoe they intend to buy before they shop Gerris identified both the top running bloggers and athletes as well as anyone and everyone blogging about running Every blogger received a free pair of shoes to try, to give them the Mezamashii “brilliant run” experience as well as shoes to share with readers 133 earned media blog posts, 1,350 Tweets, 40 other earned media mentions over 6 weeks Brand favorability grew 54%, from 7% to 10.8%, in the first 5 weeks • • • • • • info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  12. Social Media Marketing From virtual online community management to modern social media, we have been offering world-class online brand promotion since 1999 We will help increase brand recognition, encourage interaction and engagement, create content, share news and opportunities with customers and prospects, help build a good online reputation, promote your other social networking activities, respond to support issues, improve engagement and accountability, and increase awareness of your activities and culture We have helped companies put their best foot forward for individuals, authors, celebrities, public figures, local, nonprofit, corporate, national, and international brands with English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others • • • info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  13. Message Board Marketing • There’s a forum for everything • Message boards and discussion forums are where conversations start • A message board discusses a single topic, deeply, for decades • It’s tricky to engage message boards but it’s possible and very powerful • We’ve been engaging in brand promotion on forums since 2003 info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  14. Glock Case Study • Bloomberg BusinessWeek reporter wrote a book about Gaston Glock and the History of the Glock pistol • Paul M. Barrett reached out to Gerris to help promote Glock: The Rise of America's Gun to dozens of gun-centric message boards • We were able to transparently get Paul engaged in ongoing conversations about his book and also involved in conversations about Glock • Paul engaged in many admin-sanctioned “ask me anything” threads on Internet forums • We were able to convert anti-Bloomberg sport shooting hobbyists into fans of the book info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  15. Social Media Strategy • We have been social media pathfinders for global brands since 2006 • We work with you on defining your goals and building a social media strategy that best manifests your vision • We’ll develop your strategy based on what you’ve done, what your competitors are doing, and how you define success • We’re happy to create the blueprints for you to build, we can work with you to build it, or we can be both architect and contractor info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  16. Online Community Management • Too many companies have put too much money into their online events and communities and not enough into their community managers • Online communities are never self-policing or self- moderating • Online communities demand a strong leadership of facilitators and activists to get and keep the conversation started • Gerris has been managing online communities since 1999 info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  17. Blog Management The importance of having a good corporate blog has become increasingly pivotal over recent years and can really help boost your SEO results We have trained bloggers on staff that can assist with running and promoting your corporate blog • Design, create, and launch a corporate blog • Create an editorial calendar to manage the posting of articles • Create and write content for the company’s blog that’s geared toward creating buzz • Generate traffic toward your site through relevant content and sharing • Encourage participation from online communities info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  18. Social Media Management • Our team has set up and managed social media profiles for national and global brands • We have managed Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles in English, Latin American Spanish and Portuguese. • We’re happy to hand over the reins after we get you started, continue to assist you in social media content-creation, or take over and maintain, monitor, and engage your fans, followers, and friends over time info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  19. Facebook Management • You need a vibrant, popular, and engaging Facebook Page (or pages) and we can help • We’ll help you get started, we’ll guide you along the way, we’ll assist your work, or we’ll take the reins and become your social media manager • Services in multiple languages and cultures • We have been designing, developing, curating and producing Facebook Pages since late 2007 info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  20. YouTube Management • YouTube is a community first, a video sharing site second • We’ll manage and promote your YouTube channel or channels • We’ll promote your content and channel • We’ll engage your commenters • We’ll optimize your channel for search • We’ve produced for YouTube since 2005 info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  21. Twitter Management • Twitter serves as a platform to interact with potential customers, and a place for previous customers to sing your praises • Hand your Twitter profiles over to us and we’ll develop content, increase followership, follow the right people, engage with followers, answer questions and help with issues • We’ll work with you to integrate Twitter with the rest of your brand so that we become a seamless part of your marketing, PR, and support structure • We’ve been engaging on Twitter since 2007 info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  22. Wikipedia Management • Wikipedians since March 2005 • Nearly a decade of content creation, curation, correction • Clients include national brands, chains, restaurants, celebrities, controversial figures, and politicians • Experience in Wikipedia crisis response • Offer Wikipedia strategy and services info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  23. Reddit AMA Management • Reddit is a powerful influencer of both Internet memes and culture – reddit influences influencers • “I Am A” and “Ask Me Anything” subreddits are powerful places to launch your brand, engage your fans, and make new ones • We have experience setting things up, getting onto the AMA Calendar, prepping the expert with best-practices, guiding the conversation, and wrapping up after the event is over info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  24. Social Media Audit • Assess the current status of your current social media efforts • Determine the current level and tone of buzz about your company on social media • Report on how your efforts compare to your competitors • Clients have included Strayer, Petsmart Charities, Caliburger, Wells Fargo, Mitel, CIT Energy, Beech-Nut, AAFMAA, Snikiddy, Purina info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  25. Social Media News Release • Web sites are terrible at storytelling • Social media news releases (SMNR) offer easy-to- understand all-in-one information resources • We develop next-generation press releases optimized for social media sharing • Capable of localizing SMNRs specifically for any language and any culture • SMNRs developed for Mizuno, The Daily, StockTouch, Fresh Air Fund, Kimberly-Clark, HSN, OLX, Habitat for Humanity, International Medical Corps, US Olympic Committee, and others info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  26. Social Media Newsroom • Every corporation needs to communicate with the media, prospects, and investors • Make it as easy for researchers, journalists, reporters, and investors to learn all about you as easily as possible • We can integrate, design, populate, and update your newsroom – or you can do it yourself • We’ve been designing newsrooms for major corporations since 2006 info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  27. Social Media Monitoring • People are already talking about you • We have been monitoring online conversation since 2003 • Experience doing historical research, competitive business research, and real-time social media and mainstream media monitoring and reporting • Clients include Smuckers, Emergent Biosolutions, Purina, Petsmart Charities, Wells Fargo, Mitel, and others info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  28. Online Brand Amplification • Gerris has access to proprietary tools and networks that can powerfully amplify social sharing • We can amplify your content marketing by sharing it across hundreds of real Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ profiles • Examples include getting our members to – Like your Facebook page – Pin a product on Pinterest or follow a Pinterest board – Follow you on Twitter – Follow your company on LinkedIn – Join a MailChimp list – Post a review on Glassdoor info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  29. Online Book Promotion • Publishers have all but abandoned all but their top writers • Winning a book contract is only the first step towards being a New York Times bestselling author • Gerris can take over the pre- and post-publication heavy lifting of your online book promotion • Access all the influencers before your book even hits the shelves • We will set up, grow, populate, and promote your social media channels across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and others • Shepherd influencers to write reviews both online, on blogs and social media, and on book review sites info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  30. SEMInc Case Study • Bill Hunt and Mike Moran contracted Gerris to promote the 3rdedition of their bestseller, Search Engine Marketing, Inc. • Identified and engaged more than 500 SEO, SEM, social media marketing, social media strategy, advertising, and digital influencers, offering them both digital and physical galleys of the book • Offered interviews and exclusive access to the pre-release book and the book authors • Followed up with requests for reviews, tweets, posts, and online book reviews info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  31. Search Engine Marketing • We’ve been improving the search results since 1997 • More than SEO, SEM includes site speed, optimization for search, site architecture, keyword optimization, content- creation, social media integration, site popularity, content sharing, Google/Yahoo!/Bing-integration, organic content or site mentions, etc. • In 2015, organic search success demands technological skill, generous quality creation, and a commitment to persistent online engagement • Social media and content marketing is the secret • We posses the technological expertise and over a decade in social media to get you to the top of organic search info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  32. Online Reputation Management • You are judged primarily by the first page of search results • 53% of users don’t go past the first two results, 89% don’t go past Page 1, and 99% of users don’t go past Page 2 • We can armor your reputation before a crisis or repair negative search results after • We’ve helped CEOs, tycoons, politicians, financiers, public figures, high-wealth individuals, corporations, and celebrities info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  33. Online Identity Management • We help people looking for you find you • You are your online presence • Dominate your brand in search, on social media, via domain names • Control the first page of search • Control your brand online • Influence your reputation on Wikipedia • Armor yourself against online attacks • Prepare and respond to crises online info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  34. Content Marketing Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers We work with you to create, distribute, and propagate relevant and valuable content We are communicators, bloggers, writers We can distribute this content across social profiles through both organic and placed shares We can place your articles into the trades, top websites, online journals and blogs We work with you to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience in order to drive profitable customer action • • • • • • info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  35. Inbound Marketing • Every organization needs to become a publisher, especially in light of how Google is integrating social sharing into organic search • Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people – and also search robots – toward your company and products • Blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, and social media marketing are ways of creating compelling content in order to woo search engine robots and human visitors alike • Sales and traditional marketing can greatly benefit from committed and persistent inbound marketing info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  36. Training & Consulting • We’re happy to teach you to do everything we do: we who can do, also teach • We’re also available for consulting, by the hour, day, or by project • Anything that Gerris offers as a service, we also offer in the form of classes, webinars, personal coaching, process counsel, or as business consultants info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  37. Search Engine Optimization • SEO is mandatory in today’s completive organic search market • SEO is much more than just keywords, meta tags, and copywriting • Google, Bing, and Yahoo! demand deep tech, content creation, and social media integration • We at Gerris know social, search the Internet, technology, the web, hosting, and content • Giving brand completive online tune-ups since 1997 info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  38. Clients info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

  39. About Gerris digital Gerris digital is a full-service digital strategy consulting. Gerris digital's experience and skills cover digital PR, digital marketing, social media marketing, influencer outreach, blogger outreach, online engagement, online reputation management optimization (SEO), online crisis management and response, online brand promotion, online brand protection, online and social media storytelling, online monitoring, social media staffing, social media training, blogging training, social media best practices, and search engine marketing (SEM). Gerris is the brainchild of Chris Abraham, recognized master of blogger outreach, social media strategy, content marketing, digital PR, online reputation management, and search engine optimization. A pioneer in online social networks and publishing, with a natural facility for anticipating the next big thing, Chris is an Internet analyst, social media strategy consultant, and advisor to the industries' leading firms. • • (ORM), search engine • • info@gerr.is +1 202-351-1235

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