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By Chris Guthrie

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Video Games: Not the Problem. By Chris Guthrie. My Ideas. The Parents Maturity How violent is the player already. The Decision. The Parents. Parents need an active role in their Kids Lives Need to restrict what Children do. Set age limits on when Kids get to play certain games

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By Chris Guthrie

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    1. Video Games: Not the Problem By Chris Guthrie

    2. My Ideas • The Parents • Maturity • How violent is the player already. • The Decision

    3. The Parents • Parents need an active role in their Kids Lives • Need to restrict what Children do. • Set age limits on when Kids get to play certain games • Set time limits on children’s play time on games.

    4. Maturity • Not all Kids have the same maturity level of each other • Not all kids can understand the difference between reality and fantasy • Some kids are mature to play violent games.

    5. How violent is the player already. • Some people are already violent • Violent games doesn’t help those who are already violent • Need to be closely watch when playing or doing anything that could enrage the person

    6. The Decision • The Decision to play violent video games the decision that some is saying they understand that they are responsible enough to play this game. • Its all about choices. The video game does not make the choice for someone

    7. Supporting Facts • In a study by Anderson and Ford (1986), university students who played a "highly aggressive" video game (Zaxxon) were not more hostile than a group that played a less aggressive game (Centipede) for 20 minutes. In studies by Ballard & Lineberger (1999), Scott (1995), and Winkel et al. (1987), the level of aggressive content in video games had no effect on subjects’ aggressive behavior. (Goldstein,1)

    8. Supporting Facts • In a study of elementary school children, Graybill, Strawniak, Hunter and O’Leary (1987) found no effects of video games on aggressive behavior, which was measured by pushing buttons that could reward or punish another child. (Goldstein,1)

    9. Supporting Facts • Children who played or observed the aggressive video game spent more time playing with the aggressive toy than did other children. This was particularly so for girls. Boys’ play with the aggressive toy was not affected by the video game played. Cooper and Mackie also found that children who played the violent video game were more active afterwards, changing often from one activity to another. Although video games clearly influenced the children’s post-game play, thevideo games had no effect on interpersonal aggression. Children who played Missile Command did not differ from those who played Pac Man in how much punishment or reward they administered. • (Goldstein,1)

    10. Supporting Facts • violent crime is at the lowest it has been in a good thirty years. For effect, I’ve also marked the release of the Playstation console, the first Grand Theft Auto game, the PS2 console, and the infamous GTA 3. Wow, look at those surges in violence! (Game Revolution,1)

    11. Supporting Facts • Children who are either aggressive or empathic seem not to have those traits changed by short-term exposure to violent video games, according to new research being presented today (Aug. 7, 2000) at the 108th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association (APA). (Science Daily, 1)

    12. Work Cited • Ferris, Duke. "Caution:Childern at play." 1996. 01 Dec 2005 <>. • Goldstien, Jeffrey. "DOES PLAYING VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES CAUSE ." 21 Oct 2001. 03 Nov 2005 < .html>. • Science Daily" American Psychological Association ." 21 2000. 01 Dec 2005 < .htm>.