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Medical Records Austin Texas PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Records Austin Texas

Medical Records Austin Texas

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Medical Records Austin Texas

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  1. 2601 East 4th Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 855-875-8550

  2. Electronic Medical Records – How Easy are They to Open? It has become inevitable. The health care industry, along with the rest of the world, is going electronic with its documents especially their medical records. For this reason, everything else connected to the health care industry should go electronic too, like the legal industry that uses these records for proving medical cases.

  3. Electronic Medical Records – How Easy are They to Open? Thing is, what if you do obtain these electronic medical records but do not have the technology to open and view them? Whether your firm is thinking of investing on a new electronic medical records retrieval system or to outsource records retrieval, it is imperative that you should be able to open and view electronic medical records.

  4. Electronic Medical Records – How Easy are They to Open? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry much about interoperability among electronic health record systems anymore. Thanks to the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT), these systems are being standardized. This means that they certify that these systems have consistency in terms of functionality, security, and compatibility. Currently, up to 75% of the systems available in the market right now are already certified by the CCHIT. If you don’t want to encounter any problems in opening and viewing electronic medical records, then make sure you buy a system that is certified by the CCHIT.

  5. Electronic Medical Records – How Easy are They to Open? Also, you have to remember that your medical records retrieval system is HIPAA compliant. Under HIPAA’s Security Rule, health care records (which are private in nature) should be protected. This protection includes transmission from one node to another. Simply put, you can’t just send a PDF version of a certain patient’s medical records by email because basic email is not secure. Due to this requirement, electronic medical records are oftentimes encrypted before they are transmitted. This encryption ensures that the said record can’t be opened by just about anyone except the intended recipient.

  6. Electronic Medical Records – How Easy are They to Open? Aside from being CCHIT compliant, your online records retrieval system should be HIPAA compliant as well. These measures not only address security but also accessibility. Basically, if you have a legitimate need for such medical records, you can access them anytime and anywhere. For attorneys who need to access such electronic medical records to represent clients, this is a much needed system. Whether the medical records are in paper or electronic form, the lawyer should make sure that the delivery method is secure.

  7. Medical Records Austin Texas

  8. Plaintiff Attorneys Authorizations can be uploaded with a click, then just enter your client’s information and we take it from there. Your request is sent to the provider within 24 hours, and then we follow-up every 2 – 3 days until we get your records. We advance all your custodial fees and send you one invoice for the whole case. We’ll send you an email when your records are in. You can then login to our secure website to view, print, and save your urgent medical records - it’s that easy. We can also send you hard copies of records. Custom Authorization forms are available as well.

  9. Insurance Claims Insurance claims are a central part of Choice Legal's medical records retrieval operation. Our expertise in retrieving medical records for Insurance companies anywhere in the U.S. is what separates us from our competition. Your Authorization is uploaded with a click, then we take it from there, advance all custodial fees, and email you when your records are available on our secure website. Just login to view, print, and save. We can also send you hard copies. HIPAA guidelines are exceeded by our service.

  10. About Choice Legal Choice Legal is a leading provider of Nationwide record retrieval services for Insurance Defense and Plaintiff firms. Our experts collect records using industry leading technology, offering accurate and fast service for our clients. We offer easy to use online systems and paperless solutions for secure and permanent access to your records from our records repository for as long as you need them.

  11. About Choice Legal Providing vital legal support services for 30 years to Insurance companies and law firms, Choice Legal has the experience and customer service expertise to streamline the discovery process. We handle the entire record retrieval process for you. Free up your staff to handle more important case-related activities and turn the record retrieval hassle into a billable expense.

  12. About Choice Legal New orders may be placed on-line at, e-mailed, faxed, or telephoned. We take it from there, all the way through to delivering your records in bound and labeled sets, optional CDs, and then post them on our HIPAA-compliant secure website. Let us help you eliminate time delays in collecting records, while at the same time, improving the accuracy of the records you receive.

  13. About Choice Legal Choice Legal uses the most advanced technology to assist in fast and efficient medical records retrieval. Our platform automates the entire process of Subpoena and Notice preparation and service, to tracking each assignment through to completion. Clients benefit from our online status access, new order entry, and secure online records repository.

  14. About Choice Legal Authorizations can be uploaded to our site from your desk, so we can get it in the providers hand within 24 hours and get started retrieving your records. • Subpoena and Notice preparation • Serve Subpoenas • Deliver Authorizations • Advance custodial fees • Retrieval of Records • All types of records • X-ray and film duplication • Upload to Secure Online System • Hard Copies Available • Client Views/Prints/Saves

  15. 2601 East 4th Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 855-875-8550