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Security Initiatives -- EVA’s Perspective PowerPoint Presentation
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Security Initiatives -- EVA’s Perspective

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Security Initiatives -- EVA’s Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Security Initiatives -- EVA’s Perspective. Presented at 3rd APEC Transportation Minister-Industry Symposium Lima, Peru by Kitty Yen President, EVA AIR May 6-7, 2002.

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Presentation Transcript
security initiatives eva s perspective

Security Initiatives-- EVA’s Perspective

Presented at

3rd APEC Transportation Minister-Industry Symposium

Lima, Peru


Kitty Yen

President, EVA AIR

May 6-7, 2002


It is my great honor and privilege to be invited to give a briefing titled “Aviation Security Initiative - EVA’s perspective” at The Third APEC Transportation Minister - Industry Symposium.

Thank You !


The day the world


  • Before the terrorist attack on September 11 last year, most travelers considered security to be almost a nuisance.
But today, the perception has changed. Today, the desire of passengers to have a safe and secure journey is soaring !
It is extremely difficult to look to the future of air transport development without recalling the impact of the event of 11th of September and its aftermath. The issues of security, traffic reduction, insurance, even the economic survival and confidence of future air transport emerged. Perhaps, the aviation industry never faced so many challenges, such bleak prospects and tough decisions at the same time.

Cooperative efforts to restore the

transport public’s confidence

-- Safer Sky

a focused agenda

To restore the public’s confidence and to ensure the aviation system’s security is critical to achieve the goal of this symposium -- “Pathways to Prosperity.”

The cooperative efforts and preventive measures on aviation security should be our focused agenda.

global initiatives
Global Initiatives
  • APEC
    • Transportation Working Group / Aviation Security Experts Subgroup
  • US DOT
    • Rapid Response Team
  • ICAO
    • High-Level Ministerial Conference on Aviation Security.
  • IATA
    • Global Aviation Security Action Group (GASAG)
airline s perspective
Airline’s Perspective

The global perspective on aviation security enhancement has just been briefed by our IATA representative. As an air carrier, besides regulatory compliance, I would like to share with you our perspective and what EVA Airways is doing on security enhancement.


Aviation Security Objective

  • Our goal in aviation security is to keep the terrorists away from the airport, off the aircraft and out of the cockpit.
eva s initiatives on security enhancement

You are not welcome !

EVA’s Initiatives on Security Enhancement
  • In order to restore passenger’s confidence, several security enhancements have been implemented. Our first priority, as an airline, is how to reject the “high-threat passenger” onboard the aircraft. To achieve this, an effective passenger profiling system is required.
1 passenger profiling
1. Passenger Profiling
  • Currently, FAA passenger profiling criteria are in use, if a passenger is designated as a “selectee”, specific security procedures will be followed.
blacklist passenger bip database
Blacklist Passenger (BIP) Database
  • In the mean time, EVA has also established a BIP database, which integrates with the passenger reservation system, to perform passenger identity verification. If a passenger’s reservation matches the “no-fly-list” on BIP, the system will give an alert seventy-two hours before departure.

Passenger Profiling & Security Check Procedures




Intelligence from

other authorities


If No Fly List match

pax reservation BIP system

will give an alert 72HRS

before departure


Local Authority

Handle by the

local authority

for further interrogation





Reject Pax



Security Check


Continual Inspection

of Accessible Property

& Person

Reject Pax






2 airport security
2. Airport Security

For airport security, EVA is complying with the required security check of passenger and cargo handling, which is laid out by various authorities, and we are responsible to ensure that the security system are functioning properly.

a) Inspection of check-in & carry-on baggage -- Physical inspection -- X-ray Check

b check in baggage
b) Check-in Baggage
  • Physical check and X-ray inspection.
  • All transfer baggage is subjected to X-ray screening. The X-ray machines installed at either domestic or international airports in Taiwan have just all been replaced by the Line Scan Model, so called advanced technology.

c) Secondary Baggage Screening

  • The explosive detection system “CTX-5000” is deployed at the CKS International Airport and is being used as a secondary baggage screening device.

Security Endorsement

I certify that while under my control, this shipment has been adequately safeguarded to ensure that unauthorized explosives, destructive devices or hazardous materials have not been added. I consent to a search of this shipment. I am aware that this endorsement and original signature, along with other shipping documents, will be retained on file for thirty days or until the shipment is delivered, whichever is longer.

Shippers / Agents Name: Date:

Airway Bill Number:

Signature of Shipper or

Authorized Representative:

d) Cargo Security

  • Requiring all shippers and agents to submit a “Security Endorsement” to guarantee the content of the cargo is safe.
  • Accepting cargo from a “Known Shipper,” BR’s selected agents only.
  • For enhancing cargo security, a tunnel type X-ray machine will be installed by Airport Police Bureau later this year at CKS International Airport.
3 aircraft security
3. Aircraft Security
  • To ensure aircraft is secure either on the ground or in the sky, enhanced security measures are implemented at the airport and onboard the aircraft, such as :

a) ID checks for flight crew and service personnel.


c) Aircraft Guard

  • The airport police provide 24 hours aircraft surveillance.

Thorough aircraft security checks before passenger boarding and after passenger disembarkation -- not only checks by the flight attendants but also by the airport police.

d) Aircraft Security Check


Phase I modification to fortify the cockpit door, temporary modification of cockpit doors has already been completed.

e) Fortified Cockpit Door

Phase II modification will be completed before Apr. 9, 2003. The new doors will satisfy the ballistic, decompression and emergency egress requirements.
Surveillance cameras, transponders and other technologies are also under review for future installation.
As we know, the prevailing notion until September 11th was to be cooperative with the hijackers and to take them where they wanted to go. That is no longer the case.

Now, it is clear that flight deck must be protected and crew must be trained to take necessary actions such as cabin depressurization and defensive maneuvering to protect passengers and the aircraft when the situation so requires.

f crew training briefing
f) Crew Training & Briefing
  • Modifying our anti-hijacking policy and providing increased training for our crew to take the actions necessary to protect our paxand aircraft.

Special Crew Training

  • Cabin depressurization
  • Defensive maneuvers
g sky marshals
g) Sky Marshals
  • To restore our passenger’s confidence and to make them feel safe and secure when onboard. EVA is implementing another security measure by deploying our well-trained security agents onboard as Sky Marshals.
frustration v s encouragement
Frustration v.s. Encouragement

The success of an aviation security system is difficult to measure. Like Ms. Jane Garvey said on her speech to the Aero Club of Washington on Jan. 22, 2002 “A frustration in aviation security, as in safety, is measuring success - since success is the absence of failure. There is no way to know how many incidents, or how many accidents your efforts prevent. The successes are usually unseen. The failures are always public and tragic.” Therefore, we need to give security professionals more encouragement when they are performing their job during this tough period.

effective security system
Effective Security System

For security to be effective “you

have to know what to deter.”

-- Holman Jenkins

Wall Street Journal

To conclude my briefing, as an industry representative,

First, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude that APEC could provide such a forum and a platform between Ministers and representatives for articulating the industry’s views and pleas to authorities for action. We must avoid the potential threats in our system in order to avert such tragedies from happening again.

Secondly, I would like to urge that we take a more proactive and tighten our cooperation on the exchange of intelligence information.Information exchange is extremely important because if we don’t have the information, we can’t measure it; if we can’t measure it; there is no way we can fix it.