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March 15, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Visualization Solutions. March 15, 2007. Team Management. Pen Bay VETS GWAC Team. Frank Yahner Oversight; Top level contact with GSA Liaison with Pen Bay top management Michael Hardy Day-to-day activities Business development; subcontracting; teaming

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Information Visualization Solutions

  • March 15, 2007

Team Management

Pen bay vets gwac team
Pen Bay VETS GWAC Team

  • Frank Yahner

    • Oversight; Top level contact with GSA

    • Liaison with Pen Bay top management

  • Michael Hardy

    • Day-to-day activities

    • Business development; subcontracting; teaming

  • Establishing a satellite Washington, DC office

VETS GWAC Management Team

Management goals
Management Goals

  • Expand opportunity for all team members by leveraging capabilities of entire team. Sell the team!

  • Sell the VETS GWAC as the contract vehicle of choice

  • Handle the RFP process and Task Orders professionally and expeditiously



  • All team members will see all VETS GWAC opportunities

    • Opportunities generated by Pen Bay team

      • Team Member who brings the opportunity will have a lot to say about how we approach the proposal

      • If the proposal is in an area that is not core to Pen Bay, the team member who sponsors it will be the lead for the technical portion of the proposal

    • Opportunities not generated by Pen Bay team

      • Pen Bay, in consultation with interested subcontractors, will decide whether to bid or no bid

  • Relevant current past experience is required

  • Pen Bay will be the final arbiter of what the team bids or doesn’t bid as the Prime ultimately bears the risk



  • Pricing is discussed in both the prime contract and the subcontract agreement. Orders are fixed price (FP), time and materials (T&M), or labor hours (LH). There are no Cost + type orders allowed on the contract. GSA prefers FP.

  • The hourly ceiling rates set forth in the contract are fully burdened, not-to-exceed, ceiling prices.

    • They are Pen Bay’s rates and are subject to discount

    • Subcontractor’s rates are the negotiated rates for a task order less Pen Bay’s handling fee

  • Pricing will be covered in section on task proposal process


Pen bay contract handling fee
Pen Bay Contract Handling Fee

  • Fee normally ranges from 3% to 8% ~ Could be higher in some cases

  • Always includes GSA contract access fee (.75%)

  • Negotiated with each task opportunity

  • Lowest possible fee we can justify

  • We don’t intend to establish a fee that will cause us to lose an opportunity


Pen bay contract handling fee1
Pen Bay Contract Handling Fee

  • Lower when easy - higher when hard

  • Will vary with Pen Bay level of participation in the opportunity

  • Includes Pen Bay Sales Costs if we brought the work


Partner participation
Partner Participation

  • Participation - are you helping? Are you responsive? Are you a good team member?

  • Communication with the prime will help resolve problems as they arise

  • Possibility that some specialties may never see a task order


Partner evaluation
Partner Evaluation

  • Will conduct annual review

  • Any demonstration of bad faith with the team and/or the team members

  • Poor performance on task orders - especially if it is allowed to result in failure to fulfill the task order


Managing the limitations on subcontracting
Managing the Limitations on Subcontracting

  • At least 50% of all work on the Prime contract must be completed by SDVOSBs.

  • Work completed by a subcontractor SDVOSB is counted as if it was completed by the Prime.

  • GSA will look at the 50% completion of work by Pen Bay and its SDVOSB subcontractors across the entire contract, rather than against any one Task Order. This is the approach Pen Bay will take.