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  2. Toinspire and empower the most talented and dedicated Americans to become teachers

  3. OBJECTIVE TEACH will seek to increase the number, quality, and diversity of candidates seeking to become teachers, particularly in high-need schools, fields, and subjects. The immediate target audience will be ages 19 to 25 with an emphasis on minority males.

  4. WHAT WILL TEACH DO? • Increase  the number, quality and diversity of people seeking to become teachers, particularly in high-need schools (rural and urban) and in: • Hard sciences & mathematics (STEM) • English-language learners (ELL) • Special education • Connect aspiring teachers with information about the pathways to teaching including preparation, certification, training and on-going support; • Enhance the perception and professional status of teaching.

  5. NEED More than one-half of all teachers and principals are baby boomers. During the next four years, the nation could lose one-third of our most accomplished educators to retirement. The wave of departures will peak during the 2010-11 school year, when more than 100,000 veteran teachers could leave. In less than a decade, more than half of today's teachers—1.7 million—could be gone. (Source: National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, April 2008)

  6. NEED In the United States, about 200,000 new teachers are hired each year. Even in tough economic times, this number is between 80,000 and 120,000. Math, science, special education and English language teachers are the hardest to find. So we want to encourage young people with the most talent and skill in these subjects to consider becoming teachers.

  7. PHASE I ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Launch TEACH.gov112,000 site visitsAverage time onsite is 8 minutesMore than 8,000 job postings and counting • TEACH Town Halls Roundtable style events to engage young teachers + prospective teachers to talk about the teaching profession • October: Town Hall at Temple University with Tony Danza + Philadelphia teachersNovember: Town Hall at Howard University with John Legend + DC teachers January: Town Hall at Morehouse University with Spike Lee + Atlanta teachers • PSAsCelebrity testimonials: President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, John Legend, Chris Paul and others. More than 40 PSAs and teacher testimonials on and YouTube channelTEACH PSAs aired on NBC, TNT, A&E, and the Discovery Channel

  8. PHASE II • Goals • Raise awareness of the TEACH campaign • Increase the number of job postings on • Launch a creative campaign in January 2011 to elevate the profession in the eyes of the target demographic

  9. PHASE II – STEM FOCUS • Goals • PSAs: - Secretary Chu, Bill Gates, Sabeer Bhatia -Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, NBC, TNT • Jobs: - Increased STEM jobs postings • Partnerships: -U.S. Department of Energy, IBM, Discovery Channel • Events/Press -STEM Focused events: *March/April at an Ivy League college/university *June: STEM event in North Carolina in conjunction with NASCAR

  10. On the TEACH Calendar TEACH.govSix jobs Webinars with district leaders Improved job searchesMore jobs listed TEACH Town Halls + Events January: Town Hall at Morehouse University with Spike Lee + Atlanta Teachers February: NBA All-Star Event, Latino Recruitment Event March: Military Families Event in MD/VA, NYC Schools event with John LegendApril: STEM event at IVY league school, TEACH concert in conjunction with Ebony magazineMay: Native American teacher recruitment in KSJune: STEM event in NC in conjunction with NASCAR

  11. BRING YOUR LIFE TO WORK:TEACH Imagine a career for which who you are and what you like are essential parts of the job. Teachers start with a standard curriculum. But to make the biggest impact, they bring their own lives to work: their personality, their experiences – the hobbies and interests that make them who they are. We launched a campaign that uses targeted media touch points to meet young adults where they are while they’re enjoying their hobbies and interests, to make the point that teachers can take their interests to work with them as part of their job.


  13. HOW CAN YOU HELP? • If you want to get involved, you may (we can’t make a direct ask…..) “like” or “follow” us on Facebook and Twitter (@teachgov) • Put the following into your signature line: The world is changing. Shape it. Pursue your passions at • If you would like more information, or if your POC would like to talk about TEACH, contact Taryn Benarroch at taryn.benarroch@ed.govor Nicholas Greer at