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Keyword Research For Web Video Marketing

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Keyword Research For Web Video Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keyword Research For Web Video Marketing. By Jim Orr. True or False?. Keyword Research is an exact science. FALSE Search Engines make it very clear exactly what you need to do to GUARANTEE your content ranks at the very top of their listings FALSE. TRUE or FALSE?.

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true or false
True or False?
  • Keyword Research is an exact science.
  • Search Engines make it very clear exactly what you need to do to GUARANTEE your content ranks at the very top of their listings
true or false1
  • Doing your Keyword Research correctly will GUARANTEE to put you at the top of the Search Engines each and every time.
  • Doing your Keyword Research is essential in having any kind of success in Web Video Marketing.
  • TRUE
mindset of doing keyword research
Mindset of Doing Keyword Research
  • WHO is your audience
  • WHERE is your audience
  • Think like your customer
  • What is it that they would be looking for on the Internet?
  • Use Keyword Research to help position yourself in front of your audience
preliminary keyword research
Preliminary Keyword Research
  • Brain Storming Session
  • Come up with a list of long tail keywords
  • First few easy to come up with
  • Many times these are more like seed keywords
  • Use Free Keyword Research Tools to help
what are we looking for
What are we looking for?
  • Basic Guidelines to determine long tail keyword phrases
  • Around 300,000 Indexed pages on a broad search
  • PPC Ads
  • No or few videos showing up near the top
great brain storming tools
Great Brain Storming Tools
  • Free tools available for doing this
  • Google Adword Tool
  • Kwmap
  • PPC Web Spy
  • Google Searchology
so what am i doing wrong
So What Am I Doing Wrong?
  • You find a long tail phrase under 300,000
  • Lots of PPC Ads
  • No Competing Videos
  • “Why am I seeing no results?”
the reason is simple
The Reason is Simple…
  • These are guidelines not absolute rules
  • These guidelines only factor “QUANITY”
  • NOT “QUALITY” of your competition
  • You are not going to dislodge authority sites from top of the search engines with a single video.
  • Bottom line is this - If you are serious about your Keyword Research…
need to research your market
Need to Research Your Market
  • Where is your audience
  • Need to find specific niches of that audience
  • May even need to find niches within the niches
  • Micro Niches
micro niche
Micro Niche
  • Niche within a niche
  • Much more target audience.
  • An audience that knows what it wants and high probability are ready to buy
  • Very least highly motivated to opt-in to your sales channel
for example
For Example…
  • Market – Travel Agency
  • Niche – Mexican Vacation
  • Micro Niche – Puerto Vallarta Cruise
best web video marketing strategy
Best Web Video Marketing Strategy
  • Create videos that speak to your audience on the micro niche level
  • Speak on a specific product
  • Speak on a particular area of your service
  • Answer a specific question
  • 10x10x4
question you may be asking
Question You May be Asking…
  • What if I have many different product or services?
  • Then you make many different videos
  • What if I only have one video?
  • Then you need to make more videos
  • That’s the bottom line!
question you may be asking1
Question You May be Asking…
  • How do I know if a micro niche is so small that it is not even worth the time to make a video about?
  • This is where Advanced Keyword Research comes in.
keyword research tools
Keyword Research Tools





  • This is where I would start to demo either Marketer Samurai