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Erik Larson

Erik Larson. Exposition Universelle (1889). Herman Webster Mudgett aka Dr. H. H. Holmes. “Murder Castle”. H.H. Holmes’ Apartment Building. H.H. Holmes’ Building Schematics. A newspaper illustration of Holmes in his cell -- awaiting his execution. Daniel Hudson Burnham

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Erik Larson

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  1. Erik Larson

  2. Exposition Universelle (1889)

  3. Herman Webster Mudgett aka Dr. H. H. Holmes

  4. “Murder Castle” H.H. Holmes’ Apartment Building

  5. H.H. Holmes’ Building Schematics

  6. A newspaper illustration of Holmes in his cell -- awaiting his execution

  7. Daniel Hudson Burnham September 4, 1846 – June 1, 1912

  8. Masonic Temple Building Burnham & Root (First Skyscraper) 22 Floors Constructed: 1891-1892 Destroyed: 1939

  9. Reliance Building Burnham & Root

  10. John Wellborn Root Jan 10, 1850 – Jan 15, 1891

  11. Frank Millet

  12. Frederick Law Olmsted Referring to Olmsted in March, 1893, Burnham said, "An artist, he paints with lakes and wooded slopes; with lawns and banks and forest covered hills; with mountain sides and ocean views." (quoted from Larson's The Devil in the White City)

  13. Nikola Tesla

  14. Mayor Carter Harrison

  15. Pinkerton detective Frank Geyer A Newspaper illustration of Minnie Williams Ben Pietzel Alice and Howard Pietzel

  16. Louis Pasteur

  17. Robert Koch

  18. Richard Morris Hunt Pedestal of Statue of Liberty

  19. Administration Building

  20. View from the Administration Building

  21. Charles Follen McKim

  22. Interior Agricultural Building

  23. George B. Post

  24. Manufacturers and Liberal Arts building

  25. View from the Manufacturers and Liberal Arts building

  26. Solon Spencer Beman Grand Central Station (Chicago)

  27. Mines and Mining building

  28. (Also designed by Frank Maynard Howe) Henry Van Brunt

  29. Electricity building

  30. Electricity building

  31. Interior of Electricity Building

  32. Interior Electricity building

  33. Designed by Robert Swain Peabody

  34. Louis Sullivan Transportation Building

  35. Transportation building

  36. Sophia Hayden Bennett Berthe Potter      Palmer

  37. The Women’s Building

  38. The Women’s Building

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