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basic tenets of ayurveda n.
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Basic tenets of Ayurveda PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic tenets of Ayurveda

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Basic tenets of Ayurveda
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Basic tenets of Ayurveda

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  1. Basic tenets of Ayurveda

  2. It is a common occurrence in India that when someone has pain in stomach, he is advised to take Ajwainfor relief by family and acquaintances. When one is caught with cold, he is advised not to take cold water and take ginger-Tulsi tea, black pepper, honey, lukewarm milk added with turmeric, instead, this increases body temperature of a person. All these home remedies are part of Ayurvedic method of treatment. Ayurveda is an inseparable part of our lives.

  3. To understand basic tenets ofAyurveda, it is necessary to know its literal meaning. It is Ayush + Veda= Ayurveda. Ayush means life and Veda means Science. That means-Ayurveda is the science of life. In clear sense, Ayurveda is a way to lead a healthy and happy life. It is a method of treatment of diseases which has very significant impact on the mental state of a person especially one’s intellectual thinking. Ayurveda shapes the spiritual thinking of a person. While defining Ayurveda in CharakSanhita, MaharshiCharak has stated, “The science which enlightens us on right and wrong methods of leading life is Ayurveda.” It is not applicable on a particular society, country or any particular time phase. The way the life is based on truth, the same way the methods of Ayurveda are universally applicable. The principle of ‘SarveBhawantuSukhinah, SarveSantuNiramayah’ is enshrined in it, which means – May all be happy, may all be healthy.

  4. “While treating diseases under the Ayurveda therapy, one has to take care of multiple factors. The Ayurvedic doctor does not only focus on the body part which has been caught by the disease. He also focuses on the patient’s soul, his mental state, physical habits, and the balance of Vaata, Pitta and purity of blood. This is the reason, why different people suffering from the similar diseases are prescribed different medicines.” • It is believed in Ayurveda that a particular disease is not just associated with mere body or mind. The ill effects of physical disease are seen on a person’s mind and the ill-effects of mental diseases are seen on one’s body.

  5. Therefore, while treating a disease, it is kept in mind by the Vaidya (Doctor) that the disease is associated with both body and mind. According to AcharyaCharak- the reason behind any disease is linked to Vataj, Pitaj and Kafaj is- Pragyaparadh. • The medicines of Ayurveda come from vegetable world, animal world like- Gomutra (cow urine), cow milk, ghee, etc, metals and minerals. No chemical is used for the treatment of diseases under this system of medicines. Therefore, these medicines do not have any adverse impact on our body. The metals and minerals used in Ayurvedic medicines are first purified and then given to the patient in proper amount. Any other material which may have adverse impact are first purified and then given to the patient.