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National Perspective on Emergency Management PowerPoint Presentation
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National Perspective on Emergency Management

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National Perspective on Emergency Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Perspective on Emergency Management. CFOA Conference 2010 Celina Barrett B.A., B.Eng., M.Sc., MIEI. Perspective. DEHLG Framework for Major Emergency Management and MEDP Customised international best practice Systems approach Co-ordination. Emergency Management Levels.

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National Perspective on Emergency Management

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Presentation Transcript
national perspective on emergency management

National Perspective on Emergency Management

CFOA Conference 2010

Celina Barrett B.A., B.Eng., M.Sc., MIEI

    • Framework for Major Emergency Management and MEDP
    • Customised international best practice
    • Systems approach
    • Co-ordination
emergency management levels
Emergency Management Levels

Strategic Emergency Planning Guidance

A Framework for Major Emergency management

strategic level emergency
Strategic Level Emergency

An event, incident or situation, that may present a serious threat to the welfare of the population, the environment, the political, administrative, economic stability or the security of the state, which will require the political and strategic involvement of the Government.

strategic emergency planning guidance
Strategic Emergency Planning Guidance
  • Defines Government, Ministerial and Departmental roles in a strategic context
  • Lead Government Department
  • Principal Support Departments/Agencies
  • Other Support Departments/ Agencies
national structures for emergency planning
National Structures for Emergency Planning


(An Taoiseach & Cabinet)

National Security Committee

Minister for Defence

(Policy & Direction)

Government Task Force on Emergency Planning

Office of Emergency Planning

National Steering Group

Inter-Departmental Working Group on Emergency Planning



(An Taoiseach & Cabinet)

Committee of Ministers

Chaired by Minister of Lead Department

Inter-Departmental Group



LGD Internal


Response Community

national emergency co ordination centre necc
National Emergency Co-ordination Centre (NECC)
  • DEHLG initiated, building on NEPNA experiences
  • Designed for purpose facility
  • Meeting rooms, break-out rooms and work-stations
  • Secure communications (encryption)
recent national level crises
Recent National Level Crises
  • Foot and Mouth (2001)
  • Pork Crisis (2008)
  • ‘Flu Pandemic (2009)
  • Flooding (November 2009)
  • Snow and Ice (January 2010)
  • Volcanic Ash (April 2010)
dehlg preparedness
DEHLG Preparedness
  • Notification of Major Emergency Declaration to DEHLG
    • 1800 303 063 (24/7/365)
  • Standard Operational Procedure
  • Internal Exercises
    • Internal Mobilisation and Team Formation
    • Contact with other Departments
  • Activation
  • Key Objective
    • Whole of Government Support those managing the response locally
  • Key Players
    • Political
    • Technical
    • Administrative
    • Communication
  • Significant Issues
  • Learning Points at National Level
co ordination
  • International
    • MIC / Offers of Assistance
    • Flood Maps
  • National
  • Departmental
  • Local Authorities
information management system
Information Management System
  • Recognised Current Situation
  • Issues
  • Strategic Aim and Priorities
  • Actions
ice and snow
Ice and Snow
  • Activation
  • Key Objective-
    • Minimise the disruptive impact on society and the economy and support local response
  • Key Players
  • Significant Issues
    • Domino effect
  • Learning Points at National Level
  • Information Management
volcanic ash
Volcanic Ash

Transport Lead- DEHLG in a Support Role

Adopted the model used in Flooding and Snow/Ice

Information Management

Significant Issues

framework comparison
Framework Comparison
  • Co-ordination
  • Documentation
  • Information and Communication
  • Opportunity to progress emergency management issues
  • Experience of the Framework, MEDP and NEPNA exercises
  • Framework used to varying degrees and generally judged successful
  • Framework is now the benchmark
  • National Level model that we have refined works and adopted by others
  • New Framework for National Level linking all levels?