a new production environment for lcls controls system n.
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A New Production Environment for LCLS Controls System PowerPoint Presentation
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A New Production Environment for LCLS Controls System

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A New Production Environment for LCLS Controls System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A New Production Environment for LCLS Controls System. Ernest and Jingchen. Migrated to Standalone Production Environment. Why needed? Wide open and vulnerable Dependent on SCCS services Not for production No 24/7 support Beyond our control Standalone?

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Presentation Transcript
migrated to standalone production environment
Migrated to Standalone Production Environment
  • Why needed?
    • Wide open and vulnerable
    • Dependent on SCCS services
      • Not for production
      • No 24/7 support
      • Beyond our control
  • Standalone?
    • The LCLS controls systems hosted on a secure and private network designed for production – CA network (Channel Access network)
    • All the services required by the controls system provided by MCC instead of SCCS
  • The goal:
    • To improve the reliability
    • To improve the security
    • To improve the performance
  • What missing: Transparency
services provided with ca
Services Provided with CA
  • NFS: file server for applications and data
  • DHCP: bootp for network setting
  • TFTP: loading up the kernel
  • NTP: time synchronization
  • DNS: “phone book” for network
  • NIS: Authentication server for account management (in progress)
  • Matlab License Server
  • A cluster of application servers: daemons, elog, archivers, high level apps and etc.
  • A cluster of OPIs: operational consoles
  • Software packages: required to build controls applications
  • Automated patching system
  • Backup/Restore
  • Network and system monitoring and diagnosis
  • User support
  • etc.
lcls prod02 the gateway to ca
lcls-prod02: the Gateway to CA
  • lcls-prod02
    • A public machine on DMZ network
    • Access to CA via lcls-prod02
    • Access to the public via lcls-prod02
  • Log in lcls-prod02
    • From any public node in SLAC, e.g., your office desktop
    • ssh lcls-prod02
      • No password needed if RSA set properly
      • Valid tokens:
        • type “tokens” to verify
        • kinit
lcls srv01 your host on ca
lcls-srv01: Your Host on CA
  • lcls-srv01
    • On CA network
    • Served by our services
  • Shared accounts
    • physics: a shared account for physicists
    • lclsops: a shared account for operations (e.g., operators in MCC)
  • How to get to CA?
    • from lcls-prod02
    • ssh physics@lcls-srv01
      • No password needed if RSA set properly
        • on lcls-prod02, type “ssh-keygen –t rsa”,
        • responds all prompts with Return
        • ask KenB to authorize you for access
    • You are in the world of CA: lclshome, matlab, lclsarch, and etc.
opis your operational consoles on ca
OPIs: Your Operational Consoles on CA
  • lcls-opi1[-4]
    • On CA network
    • In MCC, formerly called Kiosks
  • lcls-opi5[-x]
    • On CA network
    • In sectors
  • All are operations consoles and for production only
  • Log in as lclsops
    • No more AFS token issue
    • Login session always kept on unless power outage
    • Production environment properly set
  • Completely independent of SCCS services
    • No direct access to any public resources: email, WEB, your AFS home directory
    • Log in lcls-prod02 if needed for public resources
in the ca world
In the CA World …
  • lclshome, matlab, lclsarch, SCP button, and etc.
  • Software release
    • Developed in public AFS/NFS, CVS repository in AFS
    • Remote cvs

$ export CVSROOT=:ext:<username>@lcls-prod02:/afs/slac/g/lcls/cvs

$ cvs co <module>

$ cvs commit

  • A quick and dirty release if not in CVS

$ scp <username>@lcls-prod02:/<path>/<filename> .

No push from DMZ to CA for now

  • Public resource access
    • $ ssh <username>@lcls-prod02
      • WEB: firefox
      • Other applications in AFS
      • Your SLAC $HOME directory in AFS: /afs/slac/u/<group>/<username>
bash only
bash only
  • tcsh: SLAC default login shell
    • $HOME/.login
    • $HOME/.cshrc
  • bash: CA default login shell
    • $HOME/.bash_profile
    • $HOME/.bashrc

. /usr/local/lcls/epics/setup/epicsReset.bash

. /usr/local/lcls/tools/matlab/setup/matlabSetup.bash

  • Shell scripts:

#!/bin/bash -norc

production data
Production Data
  • /u1/lcls

[physics@lcls-srv01 ~]$ ls /u1/lcls

alh cmlog epics matlab physics slc sr_info tools

  • Transparent to all nodes on CA as R/W
    • OPIs
    • IOCs
  • Visible to nodes on DMZ as R Only
    • e.g., ssh lcls-prod02 from your office desktop
    • ls /mccfs2/u1/lcls
  • Availability to the public via protocols like http is under study
  • Data buffer
    • Any incremental data at high rate
      • Only reasonable amount of data kept online on CA
      • Old data will be staged over to SCCS for final storage in /nfs/slac/g/lcls
    • Log files trimmed on a regular basis
    • Other type of data kept online as long as needed
application filesystems
Application Filesystems
  • /usr/local/lcls
  • Transparent to all nodes on CA as R/W
  • Not visible to any node on public networks, including DMZ
  • Areas for physicists:
    • /usr/local/lcls/physics for applications
    • /u1/lcls/physics for data files
    • /home/physics – home directory for physics
the goal
The Goal
  • Robust
  • Secure
  • Optimized