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Best IAS Coaching

Best IAS Coaching

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Best IAS Coaching

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  1. Introduction Is Coaching Necessary For Clearing IAS Exams? Clearing IAS exams are not that easy, and every year several IAS aspirants appear for the exam. Preparation is the key in cracking the IAS exams, and there are numerous coaching institutes guiding students for their preparation. Several successful IAS aspirants have cleared the exams without any coaching. This is because the IAS coaching institutes are not up to the mark. They do not provide the right guidance but charge huge fees. Thus hard work and planned self-study can help to clear the IAS exams even in the first attempt. Coaching is not a necessary element of cracking UPSC exams, but it depends on the individual who prepares for the exam. IAS aspirants are confused whether to join a coaching institute or not for clearing the exams. They can decide based on their capabilities. If they prepare on your own with absolute dedication, they may not require coaching. If they need a guide or external push for preparation, then they can very well join a reputed coaching institute.

  2. Consistent preparation and hard work would help you to crack the IAS exams without the need of attending coaching classes. Students who attend coaching classes should make sure that they should not wholly depend on the coaching class for their preparation. This would not help for cracking this toughest exam. Students who have a clear idea of the syllabus, exam pattern, books to be referred, etc. can very well prepare for the examination without attending any coaching classes. Students who are not aware of the basic things of UPSC exams can join an IAS coaching institute, and they would give a broader view of the exam. Make sure that you take notes of the important points that they share in your coaching center. Coaching Institute can offer you guidance on choosing the right reference books. But it is essential that you put your efforts to crack the exams, in spite of attending the coaching classes. Preparing For IAS Examinations It is challenging to prepare for the IAS examinations as the syllabus for the exam is vast, and you have to be clear in the basic concepts of what you learn. You can either choose self-study or join a coaching-study based on your interest and capabilities. Online Coaching Various online sites and websites offer guidance for IAS aspirants. You can even download study materials that would be of great use for the preparation.

  3. There success stories of IAS aspirants available on the Internet they talk about the strategies and practices they followed clearing the IAS exams. The tips offered by them would be useful. You can also take up online mock test which would help to manage the time and give hands-on experience of are several where for the IAS exam. All this would help to face the IAS exam without fear. Make sure that you visit trusted sites for the preparation. Class Room Coaching Students who wish to prepare for the IAS exams in a classroom environment can very well join a trustable IAS coaching institute. Here you would be offered professional guidance on cracking the IAS exams. The entire syllabus would be covered by experienced teachers who have cleared the IAS exams in the past. You get an opportunity to interact with subject matter experts and eminent IAS officers who share their knowledge with the students. Joining a coaching institute has some drawbacks like poor guidance, old study materials, lack of individual attention, huge fees, etc. It is not possible for all the students to join a coaching institute for preparing for IAS exams.

  4. It is evident that the syllabus and topics of IAS exams are not complicated, but it is vast. It includes mostly some of the fundamental subjects that you studied during your schooling. So there would be no need for guidance if you possess a clear understanding of the common subjects. You must prepare for the exams by referring to the NCERT books of standard VI to XII. This would serve as a base for your preparation. There are no shortcuts for clearing the exams, and your coaching institute cannot help you in this regard. Self-study and hard work is the key for cracking IAS exams. You can very well rely on the online sources available readily for preparing for the IAS exams. You can make use of forums, newsletters, etc for the preparation which would be useful compared to attending coaching classes. Pros and Cons Of Attending IAS Coaching Pros There are various benefits that you can enjoy when you join an IAS coaching institute for preparing for your IAS exams.  Coaching centers are the perfect destination where you get some useful guidance on the books to be referred, the syllabus, topics frequently asked etc. You would get a chance to interact with other IAS aspirants so that you can discuss the topic together. This helps to gain a clear understanding of specific tough topics. 

  5. You would get an opportunity to meet some of the eminent IAS officers who would share their experience on cracking the IAS exams. You would get access to the latest study materials, books, etc You would be offered to solve several practice papers and mock tests. Coaching centers would offer you some useful tips and strategies for cracking the test in the first attempt.    Cons You would waste a lot of time when you attend coaching class for IAS exams. You spend your precious time by traveling to the coaching institute. Coaching centers do not offer you the right guidance, and they charge you huge fees. Thus attending coaching classes for IAS exams is a complete waste of money. Coaching centers do not complete the syllabus. They provide you with irrelevant and obsolete study materials thus you end up reading much stuff. Coaching centers have not understood the basic pattern of the preliminary and main exams. Thus we can conclude that attending coaching for IAS exams would be beneficial for people who are clueless about the preparation and the syllabus. IAS aspirants who are aware of the preparation strategy can very well crack the exam only through consistent self-study. I am a faculty of the Chinmaya IAS academy in chennai and been working with them for several years. We offer top quality IAS coaching for aspirants who wish to become IAS exams. We have trained numerous IAS aspirants, and they have become eminent IAS officers. We at Chinmaya IAS training institute conduct several practice tests and make you thorough on the standard topics of the IAS exams.