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Sriram's IAS - Best IAS Coaching PowerPoint Presentation
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Sriram's IAS - Best IAS Coaching

Sriram's IAS - Best IAS Coaching

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Sriram's IAS - Best IAS Coaching

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  2. BASIC KNOWLEDGE SHOULD BE BOUNTEOUS There should be quality of basic knowledge on each specific subject. Plenty of queries are asked from respective subjects like current affairs, Indian history, Geography, Ecology, Biodiversity and Environment, hence they should be thoroughly prepared by aspirant. Candidates tend to show casual behavior, in prelims because the questions are objective based, but the questions are perplexive and aim of providing such question is to check the I.Q level of aspirants in depth, thus equal

  3. TAKE REVISION TWICE BEFORE EXAMS Judge your weakness and strength in respective subject and don`t let any stone unturned while revision. Give importance to every topic and be thorough in this manner that any question asked can be answered frequently without any hesitation

  4. H ARD COPY S H OULD BE PREPARED OF N OTES Making o f the no te s pla ys vita l ro le and co nsum e s eno ug h o f tim e du ring e xa m ina tio n pe rio d s. No te s w ritte n in o w n ha nd w riting he lp to re vise co nce p ts fre q u e ntly; so , it is se nsib le to p re p a re no te s esp e cia lly o n to p ics w hich are difficult fo r asp ira nt. Making no te s also cre a te s im a g e o f the re sp e ctive thing in a m o re effe ctive w a y

  5. PRATICE PREVIOUS YEAR S AM PLE PAPERS Solving previo us ye ars pa p e r creat es u p an i m a g e in as pirant mind ab o ut the asking p attern in UPSC exam als o th e pr o b a bility of ans w ering the qu estion with error b eco m e nil. During the exa m, tim e plays a crucial role thus, s olvin g u p the sa m ple pa p er gives a clear id ea for m aintaining u p the sp e e d in UPSC exa m.

  6. HAVE A PROPER SLEEP AND BE CONFIDENT During examination periods candidate make a silly mistake i.e. proper sleep. Sleep plays an essential role, generates up new fresh body cell which helps the candidate in thinking process and boost up the confidence level and without confidence can be achieved hence it is very important for every candidate to take as it a proper sleep.

  7. Dear students , warm welcome to SRIRAM’s IAS, the Institution dedicated to Civil Services Examination preparation and specializing in GENERAL STUDIES. SRIRAM’s IAS has made great strides over the years in providing education of the highest quality and in developing tomorrow’s leaders. Director's Message

  8. COURSES OFFERED • Admission Form • E-Information Brochure General Studies • Admission Form • E-Information Brochure CSAT • Admission Form • Prelims Test Series Schedule All India Prelim Test Series

  9. • Admission Form • Main Test Series Schedule Main Test Series • Admission Form • Subject Details Main Optional Subjects

  10. For more details reach us at Contact no: Old Rajinder Nagar 22-B, Pusa Road,Bada Bazar Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060 Phone : 011-25825591, 011-42437002, (M) : 9811489560 Email :

  11. For more details reach us at GTB Nagar 73-75; 1st Floor; Beside GTB Metro Gate No.1, Above Bank of Baroda, Ring Road, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi-110009 Phone : 8447273027 Email :