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Learning and Assessment Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning and Assessment Solutions

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Learning and Assessment Solutions
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Learning and Assessment Solutions

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  1. Learning and Assessment Solutions What does the material consist of and what do I get?

  2. Learning and Assessment Solutions The TLI07 package is a completely integrated package consisting of to 26 units broken into 3 holistic clusters. These clusters are: • Safety – 5 core units and 4 optional units (total 9) • Communication – 3 core units and 3 optional (total 6) • Operations – 3 core units and 8 optional units (total 11) Delivery can be by single unit and/or cluster. (click on “Your Compliance Support” and examine the “Delivery Strategy” for explanation of how these clusters are constructed)

  3. Learning and Assessment Solutions Each unit is supported by 3 tools: • Marking Guides – Assessment evidence is mapped against the Training package for Auditing, Assessment Appeal and Validation . This demonstrates how all aspects and requirements of the Unit of Competency are met. • Learner Guides – All the Information the Learner needs is laid out against each Performance Criteria. Detachable Assessment Questions follow at the back.

  4. Learning and Assessment Solutions • Assessor Guides –These are provided in a ready to use format for use either at the workplace, simulated workplace or formalised training facility. Three different forms of evidence against each unit are provided in the packages. With these the assessor can prepare the candidate for assessment and provide flexibility. A reliable benchmark is provided to Assessors which guides evidence collection and competency of Candidates against the benchmark.

  5. Learning and Assessment Solutions 3. (Cont.) Assessor Guides – A further 2 forms of evidence can be provided to total five forms of evidence available: Provided in pack: • Question with Benchmark Answers, (Assessor Guide) provided with space for contextualisation to site and assessors determination • 11 Demonstrations of skills: Real workplace activities, provided ready to use with separate packs for the Learner or Candidate and Assessor • 11 Projects: ready to use format. Demos and Projects are generated from workplace activities that the Candidate can relate to. Training jargon is avoided. Also available: • Third party reference – The third party referee can provide reference based on employability skills. • Check off sheet for Required Skills from the unit can further evidence skills. • Add your organisation’s Collection of Documentary Evidence and you can provide the Assessor with up to 6 forms of evidence collection. This allows Reasonable Adjustment for all candidates.

  6. Learning and Assessment Solutions Also included: 4. Training and assessment Strategy in editable format. This will assist with Assessment moderation and audits. Features a classroom delivery schedule. 6. Assessment Map: drives a solutions focus to Training and Assessment planning for onsite training. 7. Version Control Register is always available on the website for download during audits

  7. Learning and Assessment Solutions • The TLI07 package is delivered in 2 sections: • The marking Guide is presented in a ring binder ready for audit. • The Learner and Assessor Guides currently provided in electronic format. • Print as many copies, whenever you wish! Copy protected.

  8. Learning and Assessment Solutions • The learner and assessor guides come in electronic PDF format on a compact disc: • You may Print as many copies whenever you wish. • Copying is protected • Insertion of a client’s trade mark on the front page is also possible.

  9. Learning and Assessment Solutions Employability Skills Context of and specific resources for assessment Principles of evidence Method of Assessment Range Statement Principles of Assessment Element and Performance Criteria Required knowledge and skills Critical aspects for assessment Writing Methodology Marking Guide Assessor Guide Learning Guides

  10. Learning and Assessment Solutions If you have any other questions or concerns you need addressed before making your decision I respectfully invite you to contact me. David Naggs LA Solutions davidn@lasolutions.com.au 03 9361 1489 0439 688 689