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Research Paper

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Research Paper. Ch 2 MS Word. Optical Storage Devices. Purpose of research:. In both academic and business environments, you will be asked to write reports Business reports range from proposals to cost justifications to five-year plans to research findings

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research paper

Research Paper

Ch 2 MS Word

Optical Storage Devices

purpose of research
Purpose of research:
  • In both academic and business environments, you will be asked to write reports
    • Business reports range from proposals to cost justifications to five-year plans to research findings
    • Academic reports focus mostly on research findings.
  • In both cases you should follow a standard style when preparing it.
creation of a report
Creation of a Report:
  • Many styles of documentation exist for report preparation, depending on the nature of the report.
  • Each style requires the same basic information, if it is bibliography, or works cited or references:
    • MLA
    • APA
why a research paper
Why a Research Paper?
  • How to gather information:
    • School environment: So many resources are available – see how other people present the topic!
  • Putting information together to form a ‘unity’ :
    • This is a challenge, and is expected from 4th year training.
    • Other departments will expect you to do research, and see this as an introduction!
topic optical storage devices
Topic: Optical Storage Devices
  • Introduction
    • An optical disk is a storage media consisting of a flat, round, portable disk made of metal, plastic, and lacquer. Optical disks are written and read by a laser. Different formats of optical disks are
      • CD-ROM
      • CD-R
      • CD-RW
      • DVD-ROM
      • DVD-R……
body 1 article
Body 1: (Article)
  • CD’s:
  • Source: ”Using computer CD’s”, an article on page 14-20 in the November 2006 issue of Internet Talk, authors Dennis A. Manzenera and Jeffrey T. Brautigan.
    • Users can read but not write or erase a CD-ROM
    • Users record their own items such as text, graphics, and audio on a CD-R. You can write on part of disk at one time and another part at …..
body 2 web
Body 2: (Web)
    • Source: Web, “High-Capacity Storage Media sponsored by Shelly Cashman”, read on May 24, 2013, Web address:
    • A DVD-ROM is an extremely high-capacity optical disk that stores 4.7 GB to 17 GB
    • DVD-ROM means digital versatile disk-ROM or digital video disk ROM
    • The goal of DVD is to meet the needs of human entertainment……
body 3 book
Body 3: (Book)
  • DVD-Recordable and DVD-Rewritable Formats
  • Source: A Guide to DVD Formats, by Mideast Publishing in San Francisco, California, 2006, by Cesar Guzman and Consuelo Padilla
    • To write on DVD-recordable disks, you must have a proper type of drive
    • DVD-R and DVD+R are competing DVD-recordable format. Each has 4.7 GB of storage …
  • Challenge!!!
  • To integrate these different sources in a logical unit that reads like an essay, and still reference them properly!
  • This is typical work on Hons level
  • Show how the Body comes together to support the introduction and topic
way forward
Way forward:
  • Research
  • Test on Word?