when crowds turn violent n.
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When Crowds Turn Violent

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When Crowds Turn Violent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When Crowds Turn Violent. Examining Mob Mentality. Refresher. Crowds – people who congregate, may have similar interest/purpose but lacks regular, influential interactions.

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when crowds turn violent

When Crowds Turn Violent

Examining Mob Mentality


Crowds – people who congregate, may have similar interest/purpose but lacks regular, influential interactions

People at a concert may share interests in the bands/groups, may interact but tend not to have long lasting influence on one another

when does a crowd turn into a mob
When Does A Crowd Turn Into A Mob
  • People act differently in crowds
  • May be due to fact that you feel faceless/nameless, increased anonymity
  • Freud’s thoughts: minds of individuals merge and form collective way of thinking
  • Results = intensified emotions, lack/decrease of morality
  • Collective crowd mentality determines actions
or is it because
Or is it because?
  • Convergence Theory – crowd behaviour determined by several like-minded individuals
  • Existing beliefs/values come together to create a reaction
  • Shows true values/behaviour

Truth: we aren’t really sure what causes to groups to turn into mobs!

role of power
Role of Power
  • People feel may “ineffective” and/or “powerless” in their lives leading up to mob situations
  • Existing feelings/thoughts expressed through collective action
  • Events act as a catalyst for change (ie death of person, loss of sports team, etc)
  • Can move from peaceful to riot quickly when those in power act in an “oppositional” way (abuse of power)
what we know
What We Know...

Normal people’s values and morals are eroded away by the crowd, resulting in irrational and senseless destruction

Internet has increased incitement of riot/mob activity prior to event (“unite and hit the streets” and hypes people up ahead of time

Not always negative behaviour: clean up crews after riots

Have existed since the dawn of time and will continue to happen as long as people congregate

Happens in all ages, cultures, genders