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Get the Fine dining in Atascocita PowerPoint Presentation
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Get the Fine dining in Atascocita

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Get the Fine dining in Atascocita
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Get the Fine dining in Atascocita

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  1. There are many ways to get to know a country, but one of the most gratifying and interesting is through its food. This is especially true of South America, with the infinity of textures, colours, aromas and flavours that this generous land provides. South America has ancient traditions and long-established culinary style which has grown from a variety of roots.

  2. Chimichurri’s cuisine combines the freshest seasonal ingredients with the spices, techniques and flavors of South America; great resources that will bring the various flavours of Latin America to your table.

  3. Chimichurris is the epitome of “simple chic” with modern design elements. The interior compliments the cuisine creating a celebration of the virtues of great taste in a warm atmosphere – the perfect blend of style, service, elegance and comfort. Chimichurri’s is available for private parties of many sizes, and our dedicated event coordinator team is on hand to assist in carefully planning your event, whether it is a private, social or corporate event, our aim is always to provide the perfect balance of cuisine, atmosphere and personal service.

  4. No matter the occasion of your party, be it an intimate luncheon for eight, a unique social gathering for fifty or a celebration at a venue of your choosing, we offer a number of settings for your private event. Everything from menu selection to wine pairings, flower arrangements to parting gifts, can be custom designed for a memorable occasion..

  5. Website: Gmail: Phone no: 12813600015 Address: 1660 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Ste 106, Houston