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  1. Cyberbullyingis the use ofInformation Technology to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.

  2. With the increase in use of these technologies, Cyberbullying has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. • We GIVE our children the means to do this, or receive it. • They have MOBILE PHONES, TABLETS, we give them free INTERNET ACCESS. • We set up MESSAGING SYSTEMS and BLOGS and FORUMS • We, the SCHOOL, TEACHERS and PARENTS • are in a PARTNERSHIP to TEACH and PROTECT • our children about/from this, and how to deal with it if it happens.

  3. We have a very strong filter, so NO Social Networking. Would you like to try that for yourselves? Type in, or • Sites are blocked centrally, but also on request. When one Westminster Head requests a blocking, all schools are blocked. • We have Safe Search locked on, as a default setting. • We display warnings on posters … look at this room, and in the Classroom, by the class PC. • We use our website. • We teach our children. • We lock the ICT Suite, and children are not allowed unaccompanied access to our computers. • We review their work physically over their shoulders at all times. • We have a Managed Learning Environment (Fronter) where there are Forums, and up until recently the children were able to send each other electronic messages. This facility has recently been removed by the new Headteacher.

  4. However … we do not disable Google, or Youtube for instance, because these are such a valuable source of digital information, and wonderful teaching resource. There are Forums (on Fronter) where the children are able to write for all to see. There is the Class Three Blog, which is moderated daily by the Classteacher. The use of mobile phones within the school is forbidden, and all phones are handed in and stored securely by the School Office.

  5. Our School website mentions several leading websites which give excellent information and advice to both parents and children. • E-safety advice is available, but it not extrovert on our website. • An E-Safety Scheme of Work is also available on our website. • The London Grid for Learning has many free links to advice and information about E-safety