by roald dahl r e by molly k n.
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By: Roald Dahl R&E By: Molly K. Matilda. Summary.

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Presentation Transcript
by roald dahl r e by molly k
By: Roald Dahl

R&E By: Molly K.



Right from the start, Matilda was ignored. When her dad went off to sell second hand cars, her mom went to go play bingo, and her brother went to school, Matilda was left to do things on her own. However, this was not a problem for Matilda Wormwood! By age two, she had taught herself to read. Most parents would notice early on if their child had extraordinary skills. Not Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood. To them she was just a little twit. When Matilda was 5 ½, she started school. Not that her parents cared she started school in the middle of the year. Not that the principal – Miss Trunchbull - cared either. She’s just the cold hearted woman that cared not the slightest bit about the children in her school. She’s also the one that throws innocent children out the window. Will Matilda be able to stop her and save the school?

r word search
R – Word Search
  • Books – Matilda liked books
  • Mike – Matilda’s brother
  • Mrs. Wormwood – Matilda’s mom
  • Roald Dahl – The author
  • Library – When Matilda’s parents left for the day, Matilda went to the library.
  • Miss Honey – Matilda’s teacher
  • Mr. Wormwood – Matilda’s dad
  • School – Where most of the book took place.
  • Matilda – The main character
  • Miss. Trunchbull – The school principal
  • Pranks – When Matilda’s parents were mean to her, she played pranks on them
  • Smart – Matilda was incredibly smart.
e contrast
E – Contrast
  • Matilda went to school when she was 6 1/2 .
  • She went to Miss. Trunchbull’s house.
  • American
  • Lavender was at school when she found the newt.
  • Cops outside watching Matilda’s house.
  • Matilda didn’t go to school until she was five 1/2 .
  • Matilda scared her family with a parrot she put up the chimney.
  • British
  • Lavender was at home when she found the newt.
  • No cops



e compare
E - Compare
  • Note on the chalkboard
  • Assembly with the chocolate cake
  • Miss Trunchbull scared all of the kids
  • Miss Trunchbull threw a girl over the fence at school
  • Miss Honey took Matilda to her cottage
  • Very end of the book and movie were the same