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Crop Circles

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Crop Circles
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Crop Circles

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  1. Crop Circles By: Shane m. Baraldi Date: April 8th, 2011

  2. Objective My objective is to share with you (my audience) the details about Crop Circles - and all the mystery's and theories. I hope you find my project interesting

  3. Introduction It is reasonable to think that we can arrive at this awareness via the crop circle phenomenon. Scientific studies, written up in peer reviewed scientific journals, tell us that something beyond our reality is delivering the circles to us. While what makes the glyphs remains a mystery, just knowing something is watching us and signaling us is enough. It's that they are, not who they are - that's important. Finding out we aren't alone would be a huge deal. And, if that were established, there could be more. If they are visiting us, the technology possessed by ʺthe otherʺ would have to be more advanced than ours, and what they would be capable of perhaps could help us solve the environmental problems that threaten our very survival. Why would our visitors be making crop circles instead of doing things that would be helpful to us? If sending circles is their hello, they could be awaiting an “A Ha” from us, where we get it that they exist. And, openness to what we don't know could be good for us. It would keep us dreaming, which is a state in which amazing things could find their way into our reality grid.

  4. Frequent Reports Frequent reports of strange balls of light (some captured on video) and sounds prior to the appearance of formations added fuel to the argument that they were being created by some as yet unknown, either natural or supernatural force. Other odd occurrences have been reported, like electronic equipment failing to work inside the circles, then functioning normally once taken out and abnormal magnetic and radiation readings inside fresh circles. Not only does the physical appearance of the plants and soil seem to change, but there is change at the molecular level.

  5. Finding the Past With problems being global now, it's time for another new take on who we are and what we're doing here. It's imperative to get past the worldview of scientific materialism, which supports an ʺus or themʺ mentality in which whoever has the most toys wins and we resort to war to resolve conflicts. In relating to other intelligent life we would be one humanity, and the lid would be off the smallness in which we gun for one another.

  6. Patterns Crop Circles - formations, usually found in grain crops, where the crop has been mysteriously found laid flat, in patterns, that did not exist in daylight the previous day. Although thought by many to be a phenomena of the 20th Century, crop circles and formations have been around for a very long time, and records even date back well before the invention of the camera.

  7. The Woodcut Devil The most well known positive depiction of a crop circle is found in a woodcut made in 1678 with the title 'Strange News out of Hartford-shire’. It depicts a devil-like creature cutting out a pattern in a crop with a scythe. The woodcut has text, which told of a greedy farmer, who, having refused to pay a mower a reasonable rate for reaping his oats, swore that he would rather have the Devil do the work. The very following morning, the farmer awoke to find his crop had been harvested, but done so in such an amazing manner, with rounded circles of incredible exactness that no human could have done the same within the period and darkness of one night. The farmer was so afraid that he could not enter the field to collect his harvest.

  8. The Electro-magnetic Field Theory According to Dr Colin Andrews, who has studied crop circles for 17 years, about 20% are caused by eddie currents in the earth's magnetic field - a mysterious shift in the electro-magnetic field creates a current that flattens the crops in its path.That could probably explain the numerous reports of electronic equipment failing in crop circles and compasses spinning out of control in and over the crop circles (even when flying over in aircraft).

  9. The Whirlwind Theory The official government explanation is that whirlwinds, created by heat thermals, are the true cause of the crop circle anomaly. But whirlwinds or Mini-tornadoes are not static, they travel around and it is very unlikely that they would create such intricate and symmetrical patterns.

  10. Other Theories Also some patterns have appears in rape seed oil plants which are extremely brittle and could not possibly be done by human hands as the storks are extremely strong, and would snap like celery if they were bent over. But in genuine Crop Circles appearing in fields of rape seed oil plants, there is no damage whatsoever to the plants. This feature is not replicable by people or known technology; plant biologists are baffled by this phenomenon, as the actual when examined by experts, show that the cells have been altered....... this does not appear in hoaxed circles, hence it is scientifically possible to separate the genuine ones from the man made ones! There is also distortions of the seed embryos, and the creation of expulsion cavities in the plants as if they have been heated from the inside out.

  11. Future Reality Establishing the reality of an intelligence that's at least comparable to ours would be the biggest news since Copernicus and Galileo. In their time, when it was established that Earth wasn't the center of the solar system, humanity was freed from a worldview in which our planet dominated the known universe. In that humbling new reality our social order no longer could hold, and, in less than lordly light, kings gave way to democracies.