what is the true cost of gold n.
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What is the “true” cost of Gold?

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What is the “true” cost of Gold? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is the “true” cost of Gold?. Mayisha Dalmacy Miriam Negasi Chichi Ogoke September 25 th , 2010 Honors Environmental Science 12. INTERESTING FACTS!.

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what is the true cost of gold
What is the “true” cost of Gold?

Mayisha Dalmacy

Miriam Negasi

Chichi Ogoke

September 25th, 2010

Honors Environmental Science


interesting facts

Did you know that oceans are the GREAT reservoir of gold?…Thing is, extracting gold from the depths of the ocean costs more than it’s actually worth 

I doubt you knew the oldest gold jewelry used by man is dated back to 3500 BC! …That was a LONG time ago. 

Only thought gold came in ONE color? Nope! Gold can come in pink, green, purple, blue, and black too!Actually, white gold has become more fashionable than the traditional yellow gold these days. 

why do we need gold
Why Do We “Need” Gold?

Goldis used in…

  • expensive jewelry.
  • the industry because of its’ excellence in conducting electricity.
  • TV & computers. (the cables that connect your TV & DVD player are gold coated to guarantee well conduction & a clear signal.)
  • Medical industry. (precision lasers have gold coating to regulate the beam’s focus.)
  • Dentistry because of it’s malleability & resistance to corrosion & tarnishing.
  • telephones. (to help alter vocal vibrations into electric currents.)

Gold is also non toxic to the body.

environmental consequences
Environmental Consequences

In order to find gold, you must mine for it !

Mining is very destructive:

  • makes waste rock disposal problems.
  • involves harmful chemicals.

Several types of mining operations:

  • creates problems for surrounding local landscapes.
  • loss of soil.

(open pit mining & tunnel type mining)

All mining operations cause environmental problems.

cultural consequences
Cultural Consequences

Can dislocate communities - Large, open-pit mines can displace farmers

Contaminate drinking water – Dirty drinking water can create long-term public health problems for the citizens of the community.

Hurts workers – Fallen rocks, collapsed tunnels, fires, heat exhaustion, and other dangers claim the lives of over 15,000 miners each year.

It can destroy untouched environments by building large mines.

Open-pit mines produce a lot of dust, and the liquid waste in tailings dams, when dried in the atmosphere, can also be a source of dust for people living nearby. (air pollution)

gold industry
Gold Industry

The most important risk from use of cyanide solutions in gold mining is possible leakage into the soil and groundwater. The cyanide is recycled so in order to reduce the impact, the gold industry owners allow it to degrade naturally in sunlight and through hydrolysis and oxidation, among other natural processes.

how to address the problems of gold
How To Address the Problems of Gold?

The world should look for different resources which can replace Gold and be cheaper to use and safer for the environment.

By looking into different resources to lower the use of or replace gold, we can save issues like contaminations of water, waste dumping, destruction of biodiversity, and less genocides.

Other natural resources can be used to make jewelry which will save the environment, animals, and people.

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