the business proposal of 4d rider n.
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The business proposal of 4D Rider PowerPoint Presentation
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The business proposal of 4D Rider

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The business proposal of 4D Rider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4D KINGDOME RIDER. The business proposal of 4D Rider. Introduction company. Profile. 4D-A-Plus Inc Address: 407, venturecenter 2 nd world meridian, 426-5, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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The business proposal of 4D Rider

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  1. 4D KINGDOME RIDER The business proposal of 4D Rider

  2. Introduction company Profile 4D-A-Plus Inc Address: 407, venturecenter 2nd world meridian, 426-5, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea TEL: 82-2-1577-8990/ FAX: 82-2-866-8991 Field of business Main results of business ● Producing business of contents games. ●Business of circulation, supply and production software. ●Business of production video image. ● Business of franchise ● Circulation and supply business of movie ●Business of electronic commerce. ● Trade business ●All of additional business related above facts • ●Exhibition at San Francisco on March. 2006 • ●Einstein-Exhibition at Shenyang(China) on July. 2006 • ● Einstein-Exhibition at Daegu(Korea) on December. • 2006 • ●Experience of universe at Ganghwa(Korea) on May. • 2007 • ●Exhibition of universe at Thinktown on July. 2007 • ●Nobel-Exhibition on September. 2008 • ● Exhibition- sports amusements at Shanghai on December. • 2007 • ● Exhibition- sports amusements at Changwon(Korea) on • December. 2007 • ● Exhibition at youngsan(Korea) on May. 2008 • ● Exhitition -space exploration at Ilsan(Korea) on June. 2008 • ● Exhibition –bike rider at Bucheon on April. 2009

  3. licenses and quotations The present condition of possession Business Registration Administration (제10-0451424호) Patent on a new device (제 20-0327285호) Confirmation of venture business Game class documents Game produce registration Game supply registration Video images produce registration Video image supply registration ISO 9001:2008

  4. 4D Kingdome Rider • This simulation instrument can be possible to actual experience This amusement instrument will interchange preexistence arcade game through 4D experience game • It can reappear feeling like as roller coaster in small space using high technology.

  5. Introduction of product Description of product Explanation of product • Kingdome Rider is manufactures • which can feel like exciting as • roller coaster using 4D image • system. • It unite user with movement of • hydraulic 3D system so, • consumer feel like as actual • roller coaster. • This kingdomes’ technology is • given a special permission. No • one can copy this system.

  6. Booth and structure Kingdome has high hydraulic technology which seat from 4person to 100person.

  7. Introduction of contents Jetpack Adventure Exploration of dinosaur Journey fantasiy Hunted mind ride Exploration of under the sea Journey earth A war of the space Space race Roller coaster racing 4D-A-plus contract with 3D movie company for exclusive sale, so we have various contents. Also, we supply 4D rider movie by ourselves every quarter of a year .

  8. Summary of movie image 3D image Object► every age(above 5years) Substance ► It make free movie image for more express 4D rider feeling than story. ► It similar actual environment image connecting with experience of 4D simulation ►Various contents and each scene(nine contents) is connecting and it can be effective experience. ► It’s rider system and 3D movie the inside and outside of the country. A point of difference ► This movie can give effective 4D system. ► This movie make using CG(computer graphic) so, it look like HD(high-definition) movie ► Its’ quality is very good and it has visual effect Running time ► Around 4min.(different of contents) Image and audio Object► Publicity and 4D movie Substance ► Image is made the inside and outside of the country A point of difference ► When it put on screen, offer the original copy. ► Maintain good condition without damage of musical source and quality Running time ► Around 4min.(when contract it, set up image and rider system )

  9. outline of system(I) Rider system A. For customers’ safety have on automatic a safety bar B. When get on or get off the rider, using automatic moving(Hydraulic) stairs which Rider connect the rider with the surface System C. Controlling rider program operate when it turn of the power, so beginner can use this program easily. D. We give system(based 6 basis) for various movements of rider. E. Rider can contain 6 people in maximum. 3D images system A. Passive mode and 3D movie system. -Two projector more 4000ANSI lumen HD establish as a parallel circuit using bracket. 3D Attach the 3D filter. System B. Silver screen suitable 3D image establish and make hard fixing of screen C. Projector set up using bracket for control the height, angle. It organize Power on/off, ready(stand-by)system for out controlling. Surround sound system A. Establish amplifier and speaker that the whole sound system choose suitable with Dolby surround. This system reappear clear transmission and magnificent sound. Sound. B. This 4D sound system support Dolby surround more 5.1 channel. System C. When it before institute speaker, we must do simulation for clear delivery of sound

  10. outline of system(II) The others system • ○ Add-on of Source • Set up best source input-instrument for running 3D rider contents. • Source instrument for running 3D rider contents set up the main server and rider controller, then it make up realization the image. • Main server load high effectiveness video card that no stopping the running 3D rider contents and support dual high-definition image. • ○ The control unit • We institute the control unit which can control add-on instrument in one space, when 3D image screening. • We basically take in the A.V.R equipment for maintain normal electric pressure • ○ The others wiring and pipe laying • Cable ,which deliver the sound signal and image , establish for safe by using connector(or cable). • ○ The other function • A. For screening 3D rider image, we must setup the two HD projector(more 4000ANSI lumen) , polarizing • filter. Then we have to perfectly exhibit the 3D rider system contents. • B. The 3D rider silver screen produce with screen frame(4433x2493cm), and it choose material which can • reappear more 2.5gain brightness. It carry out masking around screen for perfect screening. • C. Sound equipment arrange Dolby surround system, audio mixer, power amp and speaker. • D. Arrangement of speaker system in 3D theater set up for fairly give sound as a whole. It must do simulation • before arrange. • E. Before power AMP connect, we measure the impedance of speaker for raise efficiency. .

  11. Effect of Kingdome rider Effect of Kingdome rider Raise ‘Goodwill Image’ of consumers’ Raise satisfaction of consumers’ Synergy effect of multi store A precondition ○ Rental condition - lease“main” ○ minimum place- 3.5m(width) Charge Contractor: conferencexm(length) x 3m(height) Investment forecast – 100 million 5000 won ○ electricity- 380V ,5kw

  12. Marketing plan • Continuous LSM(local store marketing) every • store • Regularly promotion (four times per year ) • Events for a client Local Marketing • Regularly develop contents • Secure stationary customer. • Secure new customer • Set up the price or product suitable feature of • store Develop contents • Regularly promotion • Event according to the season. • Manage the customer by using clients’ card Continuous marketing • Secure stationary customer by managing the • homepage • On-line PR(Public relations); keyword • advertising, overture advertising, link at portal • site • Participation various events. On-line marketing

  13. Managing store plan • Regularly visiting store • Execute the basic education adjust programe • Manage the local supervisor Education for the staff • Write the store check list • Regularly analyze the sale and prepare an • alternative plan for raise the sales. • Secure stationary customer by analyzing the • customer Managing the store • Regularly education • Maintain the cleanliness by using the cleaner • regularly visit the store: write check list Cleanliness of store • Execute the interior fitting local environment • Manage the education of service for staff. • Mystery shopper put in operation Service

  14. Salesprojections Sales projections Admission fee and cost KWD / USD

  15. 2 Persons • Kingdome rider for 2 persons simulator. • 1.a special feature of a two-seater, • it can establish high-technology simulator • within 3.3508㎡ • 2. A merit of a two-seater • -It apply to air processes, based on 6 point, • so it easy to • management. For operating it needjust 3㎾ • 3. Business for a two-seater • The main office establish your store, this bu • siness don't need a shop and you can make • a large income. A business proprietor or an • investor have to collect money just 1 per 10 • days • 4. Analyze income and outgo of a two-seater • 1boarding time is 5min(a rate of boarding • 50%), 1boarding cost is \2,000 2 persons simulator

  16. 2 Persons On weekend rise about 1.5, this system don’t need of charge employees by using a vending machine The other incidental expenses: \500,000 monthly.

  17. Kingdome rider Opening store • make a large income • Anybody can have the store • easy to manage persons High-technology, nobody can copy successful foundation Specially produce rider (a patent on a new device) Develop the program and contents Cheap management expenses Thank You !