Quark Flavour Physics
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Quark Flavour Physics. Chris Parkes University of Manchester Visiting Professor AGH University of Science and Technology. Motivations Lectures outline. Matter anti-matter symmetry. Manchester. Largest University in UK, 25 Nobel Prize winners (JJ Thomson 1906 – Andrei Geim 2010)

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Quark Flavour Physics

Chris Parkes

University of Manchester

Visiting Professor AGH University of Science and Technology


Lectures outline

Matter anti-matter symmetry


Largest University in UK,

25Nobel Prize winners (JJ Thomson 1906 – Andrei Geim2010)

Large Particle Physics Group (ATLAS, LHCb, Neutrinos)

Acknowledgments / Further Reading

CP violation courses - Eduardo Rodrigues, George Lafferty

CP Violation- CERN summer school – Gerhard Raven


Flavour in LHC Era - Scottish University Summer School - Tim Gershon


Particle Data Group http://pdg.lbl.gov Review articles on

CMK quark mixing matrix

CP Violation

Big Bang Cosmology (background material)

Whystudy CP violation?

Broken symmetries in nature

- Symmetries have always been historically important in making discoveries

- Most symmetries are not broken

- Why is matter-antimatter symmetry different?

Connection with Cosmology

- CP violation is an important ingredient in baryogenesis

- Also has a word to say in models of leptogenesis

- Degree of violation not enough to generate the effects

Connection with New Physics

- Means of looking for new physics effects

- CP violation may indicate inconsistencies in Standard Model

A Lesson From History

  • New Physics shows up first at the intensity frontier

  • rather than at the energy frontier

  • GIM Mechanism used to predict 4th charm quark (core course)

  • CP Violation / CKM Matrix used to predict 5th/6th bottom/top quarks (this course)

  • Neutral currents found before discovery of Z

  • Top quark mass predicted from electroweak corrections in B physics

  • Higgs mass predicted from electroweak corrections W and Z bosons

  • Particularly sensitive loop processes

  • – new particles in internal loops

  • Standard model contributions suppressed /absent

  • Rare decays – flavour changing neutral currents

  • CP Violation

  • Lepton flavour / lepton number / lepton universality

Lectures outline (1/2)

  • THEORETICAL CONCEPTS (with a bit of experiment)

  • Introductory concepts

    • Matter and antimatter

    • Symmetries and conservation laws

    • Discrete symmetries P, C and T

  • CP Violation in the Standard Model

    • Kaons and discovery of CP violation

    • Mixing in neutral mesons

    • Cabibbo theory and GIM mechanism

    • The CKM matrix and the Unitarity Triangle

    • Types of CP violation

Lectures outline (2/2)


  • CP violation and K physics

    • Mixing in the neutral kaon system

    • Neutral kaon decays

    • Rare kaon decays

  • CP violation and B physics

    • B factories, old and future experiments

    • Mixing in neutral B mesons

    • Benchmark B decays

    • Rare B decays

  • CP Violation and D physics

    • Mixing in neutral D mesons

    • CP Violation Direct. Indirect

    • Future prospects

  • Other topics, Concluding remarks

    • Spectroscopy, Fits

    • Overall CKM triangle Fits