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Selective Inc. Environmental Consultants. Environmental Products and Technologies Corporation. Environmentally Superior Organic Waste Management. Introducing our new 8x24 Aerobic Bioreactor Designed for the Wine Industry. 8x24 System Walk Around. Aerobic Bioreactor - Features.

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Selective Inc.Environmental Consultants

Environmental Products and Technologies


Environmentally Superior Organic Waste Management

Introducing our new

8x24 Aerobic Bioreactor

Designed for the

Wine Industry

Aerobic Bioreactor - Features

  • Patented technology with a process time of < 72 hours.

  • Continuous process with material being feed into the unit and discharged from the unit through a computer-programmed cycle.

  • Monitored and controlled to achieve specific temperatures, respiration rates, loading rates, exhaust gas volume and compost tea volume.

  • Designed to process organic materials through digestion, converting the material into a pasteurized, odor free, weed-seed free, nutrient rich, soil amended.

  • Pest insects - egg and larvae stage – are eliminated.

Aerobic Bioreactor - Features

  • Acts as an in-vessel composter.

  • Eliminates open windrow composting.

  • Proprietary blend of bacteria and enzyme programmed to combat any pesticides and fungicides introduced into the unit.

  • Material discharged from the reactor is stable and does not require a curing cycle.

  • EPTC is applying to the EPA for a specific short cycle - cure cycle designation.

  • Pure oxygen and 155 degree - steady state - internal temperature drive the system.

Feature summary
Feature Summary

  • Eliminates waste storage

  • Eliminates off site removal expense

  • Eliminates leachate problems-contaminated ground water

  • Odors controlled and eliminated early in the process

  • 33-percent reduction of solids mass

  • Stable USDA/EPA certified soil amendment (compost) can be safely stored

  • Limited exhaust gases are converted to carbon dioxide through a bio-filter

  • Eliminates need to store toxic mounds

  • Establish a new standard of environmental management

Product summary
Product Summary

  • Bioreactor Product Information - November, 2006

  • These are complete operating systems. Does not include material handling equipment to load or unload material into or from the bioreactor.

  • Model sizes and weights : Currently three models are available :

  • Model 415 with a capacity of 4.5 yards or 5,000lbs capacity throughput

    per day.

  • Model 618 with a capacity of 10 yards or 11,000 pound capacity.

  • Model 824 with a capacity of 25 yards or 27,000 pound capacity.

  • Each Model is FOB, Springfield, Mo.

    Price breaks are available at five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty five units

    Prices are subject to change

Thank you for your time and interest.

Environmentally Superior Organic Waste Management

Selective Inc. Environmental Solutions

Environmental Products and Technologies


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