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Vocabulary Week 25 Study

Vocabulary Week 25 Study

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Vocabulary Week 25 Study

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  1. Vocabulary Week 25 Study

  2. Word 1: VaultDef: A room with thick wallsSent: Mr. Jones, the school janitor, lived in the PE vault where they locked the equipment up.

  3. Word 2:WrathDef: Strong hatred for someoneSent: Mr. Jones’s wrath towards people grew as people continued to spill stuff on his floors.

  4. Word 3: Agonize / AgonyDef: To suffer extreme pain and anguishSent: Each day he agonized over having a job that he could not stand.

  5. Word 4: UnconsciousDef: Not aware of what is going on like in a sleepSent: Mr. Jones would fall unconscious at times because he became so angry over a mess some student had made.

  6. Word 5: MonotonousDef: Uninteresting because it doesn’t changeSent: Mr. Jones’s life had become one monotonous cycle of cleaning the same floors.

  7. Word 6: CollideDef: To crash togetherSent: One day Mr. Jones’s anger collided with Principal Smith’s happy, positive nature.

  8. Word 7: VibrantDef: Lively and excitingSent: Principal Smith was vibrant and full of life, and each day was a new experience.

  9. Word 8: FeasibleDef: Possible to be doneSent: Could Principal Smith who was so positive feasibly get along with Mr. Jones? No.

  10. Word 9: AnticipateDef: Excitingly waiting for somethingSent: One could anticipate that Mr. Jones’s wrath would collide with Mr. Smith.

  11. Word 10: SluggishDef: Very slow movingSent: Mr. Jones became more sluggish as he lost all desire to do anything.

  12. Word 11: UnkemptDef: Uncared for, messySent: Mr. Jones became more unkempt and uncaring about his appearance as he became more depressed about his job.

  13. Word 12: Contamination / ContaminateDef: To become impure, not pure (possibly with dangerous materials)Sent: Some people blamed Mr. Jones’s mental breakdown on the contamination of chemicals that had been spilled in the school.

  14. Word 13:RemnantsDef: Parts left after something is used or destroyedSent: In the end, Mr. Jones burned down the school. A few brick remnants remained.

  15. Word 14: DrenchDef: To make completely wetSent: The fire fighters drenched the building with water in a futile attempt to save it.

  16. Word 15: Billow / BillowingDef: Great swell or surge, usually growing waves, clouds, or smoke Sent: Clouds of smoke billowed for miles as the school burned.

  17. Word 16: PotentialDef: The highest possibility that something or someone can achieve, best outcomeSent: What could the students potentially hope for without a school?

  18. Word 17: GaitDef: A style or way of walking or runningSent: In a strange, awkward gait, Mr. Jones walked up to the smoldering school.

  19. Word 18: GauntDef: Very skinny because of age or starvingSent: Mr. Jones had grown gaunt with stress and simple lack of taking care of himself.

  20. Word 19: Timid Def: Shy, easily frightened Sent: A little girl timidly walked up to Mr. Jones and asked him how he could do such a thing.

  21. Word 20: ShabbyDef: In poor condition, bad qualitySent: Mr. Smith stepped up and said the old school was shabby and now they could build a one with insurance money.