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Vocabulary Week 15 Study

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Vocabulary Week 15 Study

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  1. Vocabulary Week 15 Study

  2. Word 1: NimbleDef: Quick, light and with ease in moving or thinkingSent: Mrs. Botts, the head school cook, was quick and nimble when it came to cooking.

  3. Word 2: GroggyDef: Dazed and mentally unsteady due to illness, sleep or a blow to the headSent: Mrs. Betts to work all groggy, but two cups of coffee lit a fire in her.

  4. Word 3: AlternateDef: Take turns repeatedly, every other timeSent: Mrs. Botts alternated each day from two cups of espresso to two cups of cappuccino.

  5. Word 4: VitalDef: Urgently needed, absolutely necessary Sent: It was vital to understand that Ms. Botts was quick; however, her food was extremely horrible.

  6. Word 5: GlaringDef: 1 To shine very bright that it hurts the eyes 2) Fixed look of angerSent: Mrs. Bottsglared at the students as they took their trays and plates of food.

  7. Word 6: PungentDef: A very strong, biting bad smellSent: The food had a pungent smell which made the students hold their noses.

  8. Word 7: PactDef: A formal agreementSent: On the playground, the students made a pact saying they would not eat the food.

  9. Word 8: AmateurDef: A beginner at something, someone who is not paid to performSent: Rebecca was an amateur singer who composed a song “we shall not eat the food.”

  10. Word 9: MinionDef: Someone who slavishly follows all orders from someone elseSent: The other cafeteria workers were simply Mrs. Bottsminions, following all her orders.

  11. Word 10: RavenousDef: Extremely hungrySent: Students came to the cafeteria ravenous and ready to eat.

  12. Word 11: Thrust Def: To push forward suddenly and violentlySent: The cafeteria workers would thrust the horrible smelling food at the students.

  13. Word 12: Culprit Def: Someone who has done something wrong, guilty personSent: All the students blamed the real culprit, Mrs. Botts, for the foul smelling food.

  14. Word 13: ShatterDef: To break into many piecesSent: Often you could here plates of food shattering on the floor as a sign of protest.

  15. Word 14: LureDef: To attract and entice to do somethingSent: Vending machines selling candy bars lured the students away from the cafeteria.

  16. Word 15: Predict / PredictionDef: To guess what will happen in the futureSent: It was easy to predict that a student rebellion would raise up to oppose Mrs. Botts.

  17. Word 16: Agile / AgilityDef: Well coordinated and quick, not clumsy or ability to think quick Sent: Mrs. Botts was quick and agile, but she could not stop all those angry students.

  18. Word 17: ConjureDef: To call a spirit or magical being with a spell or chantSent: Some students even tried to conjure up spirits to fight Mrs. Botts evil food.

  19. Word 18: PricklyDef: Having pointy spikes or quillsSent: Mrs. Botts used a prickly cleaning brush to fight off the advancing students.

  20. Word 19: DeceptiveDef: To mislead or give a false impressionSent: The food at looked deceptively good, but smelled and tasted horrible.

  21. Word 20: caricature Def: Drawing that exaggerates features so it looks funny Sent: Many students would draw caricatures of Mrs. Botts and her minions.