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Water Conservation. Asheville’s primary water source: The North Fork Reservoir. Serving parts of South Asheville:. The French Broad River. Outside of city limits, aquifers provide our drinking water. Central pivot irrigation. The Ogallala Aquifer.

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Asheville s primary water source the north fork reservoir
Asheville’s primary water source: The North Fork Reservoir

Serving parts of south asheville
Serving parts of South Asheville:

The French Broad River

The ogallala aquifer
The Ogallala Aquifer

  • Is used to support our nation’s breadbasket

  • Is located beneath the high plains and covers a vast area that is largely dry

  • Is symbolic of the overuse of


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwfDN_gA5Uk

Potential complications with large dams
Potential complications with large dams

  • Destroy plant and animal habitat

  • Impacts fish migration (salmon, eels)

  • Still water has less oxygen and more methane

  • Increased evaporation

  • Increased salinity in some areas

  • Border disputes may arise

  • May impact peoples’ homes, cultural resources

Three gorges dam
Three Gorges Dam

  • Largest Dam in the World

  • Now Fully Operational

  • Opposed by Many Environmentalists

  • Benefits of Dam:

    • Hydroelectricity

    • Flood control

    • Facilitates shipping

      United Streaming Video Highlights Project

Big ideas to provide more freshwater
Big Ideas to Provide More Freshwater

  • Seeding Clouds (why is this crazy?)

  • Towing iceburgs (why is this crazy?)

  • Desalination of ocean water (not so crazy, but expensive)

Water conservation


In Tampa Bay

Ways to conserve fresh water
Ways to Conserve Fresh Water

  • Agriculture: drip irrigation, soaker hoses, mulches, cover crops

  • Industry: discourage building on wetlands and floodplains; encourage gray water recycling

  • Domestic use: class brainstorm