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What is a Virtual Field Trip? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is a Virtual Field Trip?

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What is a Virtual Field Trip? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is a Virtual Field Trip?. Virtual Field Trips Take Off – CBS News. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=2507464n.

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What is a Virtual Field Trip?

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    1. What is a Virtual Field Trip? Virtual Field Trips Take Off – CBS News http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=2507464n A videoconference program (or field trip) gives you and your students an opportunity to visit a place you might not be able to otherwise, such as zoos, museums, NASA, U.S. Congress and more. Video conferences use an IP or ISDN connection, a camera, codec, and TV to connect to another site.

    2. How Does it Work? Videoconferencing requires that at each connecting end of the conference there is at least a video monitor, camera, speaker and microphone. The equipment may be configured in many different ways: a complete television studio, an all-in-one portable videoconferencing unit or an integrated Distance Learning classroom.

    3. Technology at CCSD Secondary Campus The Distance Learning Room has Tandberg System built-in. catskill@vc.neric.org Elementary Campus A portable Tandberg system can be used in any room equipped with a network drop. catskilles@vc.neric.org 701-1232

    4. Similarities Both real and virtual field trips are group activities where kids interact with each other. Both real and virtual field trips involve active, not passive learning. Both real and virtual field trips take the student mentally out of the classroom and into a new and different learning environment. Differences Virtual field trips can be repeated over and over again. Virtual field trips give students more room to move at their own pace and explore things to their own depth. Virtual field trips can take you to places you would not otherwise go. Virtual field trips lack the sensory experience of a real field trip. Virtual field trips are safe and free of hazards. Virtual field trips can tap into more expert resources on a single topic. Virtual vs. Real Field Trips

    5. How to Arrange a Video Conference or Virtual Field Trip • Choose a Content Provider and/or other Classroom(s) to Connect with. • Confirm that your school will approve and cover all program costs. • Arrange with the content provider and your school a Date and Time for your  VC/Virtual Field Trip. Be sure to note the content provider's contact information. (Conduct a test if you are going to connect on your own). • Your content provider may have a reservation form for you to fill out. If you have any questions please contact the BOCES Video Conferenceing Support Team. 1 888 427-9173 • If you will require a bridged connection, complete & submit the Videoconference/Virtual Field Trip Reservation Form.  Receive confirmation from the BOCES Videoconference Support Team.   • Conduct your Videoconference / Virtual Field Trip. • Please complete & submit the Videoconference/Virtual Field Trip Evaluation Form.

    6. Now What? • Try our equipment • Look for content providers • Brainstorm funding sources • Plan for another session????