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Arctos/TACC Collaboration Chris Jordan Texas Advanced Computing Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Arctos/TACC Collaboration Chris Jordan Texas Advanced Computing Center

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Arctos/TACC Collaboration Chris Jordan Texas Advanced Computing Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arctos/TACC Collaboration Chris Jordan Texas Advanced Computing Center. Arctos: A 15 year history. MVZ: 1995 - Hired Stan Blum to develop relational data model (following modeling by Assoc. Systematic Collections).

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arctos a 15 year history
Arctos: A 15 year history
  • MVZ: 1995 - Hired Stan Blum to develop relational data model (following modeling by Assoc. Systematic Collections).
  • MVZ: 1997 - Hired John Wieczorek to implement model (desktop application) using Sybase and Versata. Partial implementation (e.g., no loans).
  • UAM: 1998-2000 - John W. migrated mammal data to Oracle, set up Versata.
  • UAM: 2002 - Dusty McDonald replaced Versata with ColdFusion, implemented full model (first web-based instance,aka Arctos).
  • MSB: 2003 – Joined Arctos at UAM (first multi-hosting instance).
  • MVZ and MCZ: 2005-2007 - Implemented separate instances of Arctos at Berkeley and Harvard (MVZ: first Postgres, then Oracle).
  • MVZ: 2009 - Moved hosting of data to Alaska (Virtual Private Database version).

Major repositories using the Arctos database:

(34 collections of specimens or observations, 1.3M records)

tacc and teragrid
TACC and TeraGrid
  • 10-year history of Research Cyberinfrastructure
    • Supercomputing, Visualization and Storage
    • Supported by NSF to provide research resources
  • TACC expansion of Data-focused support
    • 1 Petabyte dedicated online disk
    • 10 Petabytes offline archive
    • National network of replication resources
data diversity at tacc
Data Diversity at TACC
  • Image Collections (Natural History, Art, etc)
  • Structured Data (Economics, Public Health)
  • BioMolecular Data (DNA, RNAseq, etc)
  • Physical Sciences/Simulation Data
  • Geographic data (Climate, Disaster Preparedness)
  • Integrated Infrastructure Supports Diverse Collections

Arctos is…

A versatile online collections management system

  • Cataloged Items (ID, attributes, parts, etc.; batch uploading, downloading, editing; encumbrances)
  • Localities & Collecting Events (mapping, media, history)
  • Transactions (loans, accessions, borrows, permits; email reminders)
  • Usage (publications, projects, sponsors, GenBank)
  • Curatorial (object tracking, parts, condition, relations, etc.)
  • Determination history (identification, georef, attributes)
breadth of data in arctos
Breadth of Data in Arctos
  • Fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and bird eggs/nests, plants, arthropods, fossils, molluscs
  • Specimens and observations
  • Media (images, audio)
  • Publications, fieldnotes

Arctos constantly evolving to incorporate new kinds of data, e.g.,:

  • Better representation of non-publication documents (fieldnotes, correspondence)
  • Cultural collections (art, anthropology...)

Nearly all that is known about an object (or observation) can be included in Arctos.

arctos tacc partnership
Arctos/TACC Partnership
  • Arctos hosts web/database resources
  • TACC hosts media collections
    • Images, Recordings, etc
  • Simple workflows for automated generation of thumbnails, JPG versions, MP3s, OCR
  • Replication policies automatically replicate to various storage locations
  • Images directly served from TACC to browsers
arctos tacc history
Arctos/TACC History
  • Initial work with UAF Herbarium in 2008
  • Brought on MVZ Collections in 2009
  • Ongoing work on web audio, OCR
  • New collections from UAF, UNM, others
  • Currently >300,000 digital objects under management
  • Support >100,000 downloads of original scans each year
advantages for collections
Advantages for Collections

Lower cost and management overhead

Highly reliable, large-scale infrastructure

No scalability issues

Longer-term partnerships promote technical collaboration to add capabilities over time

Provides built-in “Data Management Plan”

long term sustainability
Long-Term Sustainability
  • TACC plan is to be a permanent research data resource
  • Arctos will evolve over time but the collections have permanent value
  • Infrastructure foundation is stable
  • Agency funding future is uncertain
  • Develop diverse funding sources and models to support robust, long-term operation
ongoing efforts
Ongoing Efforts

Expansion of storage resources at TACC (~10PB online disk)

Greater engagement in data management activities

Working with BRC, ADBC awards and associated data

iPlant Data/Genetic resources – link to specimen records?

thanks for your time
Thanks for your Time
  • Steffi Ickert-Bond, UAF
  • Gordon Jarrell, UNM
  • Carla Cicero, MVZ
  • Michelle Koo, MVZ
  • Dusty Mcdonald, Arctos