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Group 4 Research and data analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Group 4 Research and data analysis

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Group 4 Research and data analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group 4 Research and data analysis

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  1. Group 4 Research and data analysis Aldrin Enriquez, Kathryn Rigsby, Matthew Russi, Katherine Smith, Cory Thorpe

  2. Objectives: Research Question Findings Data

  3. Research Question • What are the factors affecting the parking at Florida State University?

  4. TIME How much time does one really spend parking? Why? Could this be a factor of Parking at Florida State?

  5. How much time does one spend trying to park & why? • Parking Availability • Proximity of classes • Time it takes to walk from spot to class • Certain times or certain days of the week

  6. Days & Times • Differences in parking certain days of the week • Differences in parking at certain times of the day

  7. Days and Times students find parking P E R CENTAGE TIME

  8. Proximity from spot to class No one really wants to walk miles and miles to class, but at the same time one might want to take the parking spots that are open

  9. Maximum Time Spent Desired walking from parking spot to class PERCENTAGE Minutes

  10. Availability vs. Closer Parking Take a spot on availability : YES or NO

  11. Maximum Time Spent Searching For a Spot • 12% 0-10 mins • 39% 10-20 mins • 34% 20-30 mins • 15% 30+ mins

  12. Findings Time seems to be a big factor in Florida State Parking. There are many sub-factors of Time. Parking could take any amount of time depending on one’s choice -Parking Availability -Proximity of classes -Time it takes to walk from spot to class -Certain times or certain days of the week

  13. Findings: TIME • How much time does one spend on trying to park? • Desires a closer parking space? • Time of day? • Is it more time worth to drive and park or find other methods of transportation?

  14. Location

  15. Findings: LOCATION • Proximity to classes • Everybody wants a close spot • Is it a possibility that spots are open, just not in the right place? • Comparison between Woodward Garage and UCB. • Woodward Garage • Middle of Campus • Large Garage • 973 Spots • UCB (Stadium) • Southwest Corner of Campus • Large Lot • 583 Spots

  16. Findings: LOCATION • The Woodward Garage contains nearly 400 more spaces than the Stadium Lot. • The Stadium Lot was never full during our observation. • Students are not using the Stadium Lot to its full potential, therefore taking up parking somewhere else - generally closer to their classes. • In a survey of 1618 students, 72% said they avoided the Stadium Lot because it was too far away.

  17. Woodward Garage

  18. UCB (Stadium) Lot

  19. Findings: LOCATION • Location of Dorm Parking • Some of FSU's students that live on campus have parking permits. • Their cars are more stationary, thus using up potentially valuable spots. • How much of a problem is resident parking, and what can be done about it?

  20. Findings: LOCATION • How does FSU deal with this Problem? • FSU has 11,252 spots. It has issued 1,871 permits to students in campus housing. • Just over 15% of spaces are taken up by cars that are practically stationary. • Some campus residents may have their cars parked in an out-of-the-way parking lot or garage, however, some cars stay parked in lots that are central to campus. • One student, when asked about his satisfaction with student parking, responded that he wasn't satisfied and that "dorm dwellers shouldn’t be allowed to park in the middle of campus." • One administrator commented that FSU should put "dorm lots at remote locations."

  21. Conclusions: LOCATION • Students would rather park in centralized areas. • Some outlying parking areas are not being used to their full potential. • Some dorm residents park in high-demand areas. • Therefore: • Parking location is an important factor to the overall parking experience at Florida State. • Location is not an actual problem as much as it is a perceived problem.

  22. Student

  23. Findings: STUDENT • Interviewed 51 students at Florida State • Majority felt that the parking situation was average. 44% had an “OK” experience and 29% had a “BAD” experience. • According to one student parking “sucks and isn’t going to get better”. • 64% want no freshman parking

  24. Findings: STUDENT • 92 % drive a motor vehicle • 98% either a car or truck • 11,252 spots are available • 29,710 parking permits are issued • 5,806 of permits are issued to people who live on campus. • This leaves 5,446 spots which are ACTUALLY available.

  25. Findings: STUDENT • Students play a LARGE factor when it comes to parking at Florida State. • Different schedules • Monday, Wednesday , Thursday are the busiest days. • Permits issued is 3x larger than spots in existence.

  26. Transportation

  27. Findings: TRANSPORTATION • Reliability of public transportation

  28. Findings: TRANSPORTATION • Public transportation

  29. What ARE the factors affecting parking at FSU?

  30. Fish Bone Diagram

  31. THANK YOU Questions?