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Bullying PPT

4th grade

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Bullying PPT

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  1. What would you do? By: michaelheidt Start your adventure!

  2. Situation #1 • Bob was on his website. Someone had made fun of his website. What should he do? He should e-mail back please stop bullying me. He should say bad things back!

  3. RIGHT CHOICE!!!!! He needs to tell them to stop so he can solve the problem. ADVANCE!

  4. WrONG CHOICE!!!!!!! • He should not do the thing that started the problem. • TRY AGAIN!!!

  5. SITUAtion #2 During recess Billy was whispering to Fred about Tom. What should you do? Tell them to stop Join in and learn about the gossip

  6. Wrong choice! You chose to listen to the gossip and you made Tom sad. Go back and try again!!!!!

  7. Right choice! You said “how would you feel if you were bullied and they stopped. Go on!

  8. THANk you for helping and being with me • Now you should be able to make the hard choices in life! credits

  9. credits • Photos • Sad Face: • teenbeachmovie.wikia.com • Dancing happyface : • www.goodlightscraps.com

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