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Bullying Powerpoint

4th grade

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Bullying Powerpoint

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  1. Would You Rather? By Zain

  2. Situation #1 • Your in science and you didn’t get the answers right on an assignment. Sean called you dumb. • What would you do? • Talk To Sean About It. • Call Him Dumb Back.

  3. You made the right choice • To Talk To Sean .It’s a Good Choice Even If Your Feeling Angry And The Bully Never Picked On You For The Year. • Click To Go On.

  4. yOU MADE THE WRONG CHOICE • You Chose The Wrong Choice You Yelled Back Now You Both Got In Trouble You got in trouble because even if you feel angry you have to keep calm. Go Back And Fix Your Answer

  5. Situation #2 • Alex Called You Names Because You Got One wrong in your math test and Alex got them all right. What Would you do? • 1.Call Him Names Back • 2.Talk To Him Then Walk Away

  6. gOOD JOB. YOU MADE THE Right cHOICE. • Now He’s Not Picking On You. You Asked Him To Stop And Walked Away Now You Did All your Classes Without Him Picking on you. That was the right choice because you kept your cool and no one got hurt. • Go On

  7. yOU MADE THE WRONG CHOICE. • You Made The Wrong Choice To Call Him Names Back Now Hes Picking on you for the rest of the day. Because you he got angry with your reply So next time just keep your cool and stay calm • Go Back And Fix Your Problem

  8. Thank you for helping me to choose my choices • Now I’m Happy And Did not Get Bullied Yay And I Helped The Bully Realize He Doesn’t Have To Bully People!

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