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Delta-DOR WG: Report of the Spring 2010 Meeting

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Delta-DOR WG: Report of the Spring 2010 Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Delta-DOR WG: Report of the Spring 2010 Meeting. Portsmouth, VA, USA May 7 th , 2010 Roberto Maddè ESA/ESOC, SEA Area WG REPORT. SUMMARY TECHNICAL STATUS. Delta-DOR WG Goal: Standardising cross-support for Delta-DOR measurements Working Status: Active

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delta dor wg report of the spring 2010 meeting

Delta-DOR WG:Report of the Spring 2010 Meeting

Portsmouth, VA, USA

May 7th , 2010

Roberto Maddè ESA/ESOC,




  • Delta-DOR WG
    • Goal: Standardising cross-support for Delta-DOR measurements
    • Working Status: Active
    • Summary progress / Major accomplishments:
    • Magenta Book: second Agency review started. The WG discussed further cosmetic changes and the possibility to modify/add pictures, to improve readability.
    • Draft Blue Book: draft was finalised and the WG resolved to CESG and CMC approval, for Agency review
    • Draft Green Book: draft reviewed and actions distributed for next version
    • Yellow Book: contents discussed
    • Progress since last meeting: Second Agency Review for MB, BB ready for Agency review
    • Problems and Issues: Time, meeting room allocations
executive summary
Executive Summary
  • Attendees:
    • Roberto Maddè, ESA/ESOC, chair
    • James Border, NASA/JPL, member
    • Hiroshi Takeuchi, Jaxa/ISAS, member
    • Mattia Mercolino, ESA/ESOC, member
  • Major topics:
    • Magenta Book (in Red 2 status): discussion on improvements, in view of 2nd Agency review
    • Draft Blue Book, “Delta-DOR Raw Data Exchange Format”, resolution to go for Agency review
    • Plan for coming Green Book “Delta-DOR technical characteristics and performance”
  • Significant decisions:
    • Draft Blue Book, “Delta-DOR Raw Data Exchange Format”, resolution to go for Agency review
    • Commitment on prototyping of NASA, JAXA, ESA
    • Yellow book to be prepared, containing the results of the prototyping
    • Short and long term plan agreed
  • Cross-area meetings
    • With SM WG, inputs provided for the inclusion of DDOR service in SM
    • Next cross-area meeting foreseen during 2010 Fall Meeting
  • New work:
    • Prototyping for the Blue Book
    • Yellow Book which will contain the results of prototyping
    • Continuation on the Green Book
  • Future work/documents
    • Blue Book titled “Delta-DOR Raw Data Exchange Format”
    • Green Book titled “Delta-DOR technical characteristics and performance”
    • Yellow Book in support to the Blue Book above
summary of goals and deliverables 1
Summary of Goals and Deliverables(1)
  • What do you expect to deliver and when

Short term schedule:

  • Magenta Book:
    • When RIDS are in (after June 28th), process them
    • Include some pictures anyway, to improve readability
  • Blue Book:
    • Run first Agency review
  • Green Book:
    • Complete missing chapters, review existing ones
  • Interaction with SMWG:
    • Continuing discussion with SMWG, for inclusion of DDOR service in the Cross-support Services
progress achieved
Progress Achieved
  • What do you expect to accomplish:

To publish the Magenta Book after the Second Round of Agencies’ review by Fall 2010

To have passed the First Round of Agency Review on the Blue Book by December 2010

To have a complete draft (for all sections) of the Green Book by Spring 2011

detailed progress on magenta book
Detailed progress on Magenta Book
  • The version recently published for 2nd Agencies’ review has been discussed
  • WG members were encouraged to advertise the review within their own Agencies
  • Few editorial changes were agreed and collected in an ad-hoc document; these will be inserted at the end of the review process
  • Figure 3-1 has been extensively discussed
    • MM and JB to draft a new version of it, for WG discussion
  • The possibility to insert several figures in sect. 4 (one for each scenario) has been discussed
    • JB to draft one figure, for WG discussion
  • The draft pictures will be provided within 1 month, and discussed via telecon
detailed progress on blue book
Detailed progress on Blue Book
  • The book was revised by the WG
  • Version v3 is now ready for editorial review
  • The WG resolves that document 506.1-W-0 can go to CESG and CMC approval, for Agency review
  • ESA stated that, according to current plans, their prototype will be ready by mid 2011
  • NASA will develop plan and schedule for prototype
  • JAXA stated that, according to current plans, their prototype will be ready by mid 2011
  • Based on the above, testing and evaluation will be done during the second half of 2011
  • This will allow collecting material for the related Yellow Book
  • It is noted that the current CCSDS scheduling tool foresees prototyping only after the 2nd Agency review, whereas the SEA Area Director reported that the prototyping before the 2nd review will be needed
detailed info on yellow book
Detailed info on Yellow Book
  • Preliminary table of contents
    • Two main chapters, one for Magenta Book, one for Blue Book
      • Magenta Book: chapters on testing of Operational and Validation Scenarios
      • Blue Book: testing of completeness of the information content (i.e. the stated parameters are sufficient for obtaining the expected results) and on quality of results
      • Blue Book: testing the capability of each Agency to produce data in the specified format and to make use of such data
    • In both cases, test plans, test procedures and test reports will be produced
detailed progress on green book
Detailed progress on Green Book
  • Sections 1 to 5 were discussed during the meeting.
  • The WG agreed that an outline of the remaining sections shall be due before the next CCSDS Fall Meeting
    • Outline for chapter 5  Action: MM and HT
    • Outline for chapter 6  Action: MM
    • Outline for chapter 7  Action: MM
    • Outline for chapter 8  Action: HT
  • All sections shall be then completed, at least in a draft form, two months before the CCSDS Fall meeting 2011.
  • All WG members to review existing sections (1 to 5)
  • It is noted that chapters 6 and 7 may move to the Yellow Book
open issues areas of concern
Open Issues/ Areas of concern
  • What are the currently known open issues

Currently there are no open issues

  • Areas of concern

Time and resources could limit the progress on the Green Book during 2010

The prototyping of the Blue Book format will absorb most of the energies in the next year

risk management update
Risk Management Update
  • No risk has been highlighted
  • Resources are always an issue
cross area wg bof issues
Cross Area WG / BOF Issues
  • Are there issues in your WG with other WGs?
    • Existing limitations in (interagency) data transfer infrastructure may reduce the applicability of the coming Magenta Book
  • Is there cross WG or cross area coordination needed?
    • Service Management: SMWG will extend, in the future, their SM procedures to tracking services; interaction with such WG is being put in place, to insure the proper level of coordination
    • Data Transfer
    • RF & Mod WG (modification of 401 2.5.6B needed and agreed)
  • At what level and how would you like to proceed?
    • Service management: embed the DDOR service in the SM framework discussions with SMWG are on going, a more focalised concept of the required SR has been provided to SM WG
    • Data transfer: through the production of an ad-hoc Blue Book, then discuss with CSS-SM and CSS-CSTS whether to manage/formalize data transfer (but it should be just a question of protocols)
    • Modification of sect. 2.5.6B as required