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Meet Fabio!

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Meet Fabio!. By Jason Tolbert and Daniel A rellano. Illustrated by ____________________. Spain. Bullfighting. Bullfighting in S pain has been a tradition for many years. Everyone enjoys the spectator sport. Soccer.

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meet fabio

Meet Fabio!

By Jason Tolbert and Daniel Arellano.

Illustrated by ____________________


Bullfighting in Spain has been a tradition for many years. Everyone enjoys the spectator sport.


Soccer, commonly known as Futbol in Spanish, is the most favored sport.

Real Madrid and Barcelona


Tango is one of the most fascination of all dances originating from Spain. It is also a ball room dance. Flamenco song and dance all come from Spain.


Food in Spain is very different from the food we eat. They like to eat chicken, beans, rice, and most of all fish. They eat fish a lot because they are so close to the ocean. They also eat a lot of spicy things like jalapeños and peppers!


Spain has some really cool animals! Some like gorillas, lions, and birds!


Spain's flag comes from the Spanish kingdoms in ancient times. The flags colors are Red and Yellow.

Can you help us color the flag?


In Spain there is no tooth fairy! Instead there is a tooth mouse names Ratoncito Pérez. And when ever a child loses a baby tooth they place it under there pillow and the mouse comes in and takes the tooth and leaves a gift!

Try to draw your own mouse.

adios amigos
Adios Amigos!

Thanks for reading me! Don’t forget to color my pictures!