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Spanish American War

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Spanish American War. By Jasmine Orvis. Spanish American War. Reasons Incidents Into the Details Results. Reasons. The Spanish blew up the battleship "Maine" .

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spanish american war

Spanish American War

By Jasmine Orvis

spanish american war1
Spanish American War
  • Reasons
  • Incidents
  • Into the Details
  • Results

The Spanish blew up the battleship "Maine"

Sent to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban revolt against Spain, she exploded suddenly without warning and sank quickly, killing nearly three quarters of her crew. The phrase "Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!" became a rallying cry for action.


Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism aided in the advertising that the Spanish were responsible for the Battleship Maine explosion in Havana harbor. Their journalism nade the US look patriotic. It also instituted US in the role of imperialism and the foundation of becoming an overseas power.


Delome letter

Nevertheless, whether the practical results of it (the Message) are to be injurious and adverse depends only upon ourselves.

I am entirely of your opinions; without a military end of the matter nothing will be accomplished in Cuba, and without a military and political settlement there will always be the danger of encouragement being give to the insurgents, buy a part of the public opinion if not by the government.

I do not think sufficient attention has been paid to the part England is playing.

Nearly all the newspaper rabble that swarms in your hotels are Englishmen, and while writing for the Journal they are also correspondents of the most influential journals and reviews of London. It has been so ever since this thing began.

As I look at it, England’s only object is that the Americans should amuse themselves with us and leave her alone, and if there should be a war, that would the better stave off the conflict which she dreads but which will never come about.

It would be very advantageous to take up, even if only for effect, the question of commercial relations and to have a man of some prominence sent hither, in order that I may make use of him here to carry on a propaganda among the seantors and others in opposition to the Junta and to try to win over the refugees.

So, Amblard is coming. I think he devotes himself too much to petty politics, and we have got to do something very big or we shall fail.

Adela returns your greeting, and we all trust that next year you may be a messenger of peace and take it as a Christmas gift to poor Spain.

Ever your attached friend and servant,ENRIQUE DUPUY de LÔME.

  • His ExcellencyDon José Canalejas.
  • My distinguished and dear friend:You have no reason to ask my excuses for not having written to me, I ought also to have written to you but I have put off doing so because overwhelmed with work and nous sommesquittes.
  • The situation here remains the same. Everything depends on the political and military outcome in Cuba. The prologue of all this, in this second stage (phase) of the war, will end the day when the colonial cabinet shall be appointed and we shall be relieved in the eyes of this country of a part of the responsibility for what is happening in Cuba while the Cubans, whom these people think so immaculate, will have to assume it.
  • Until then, nothing can be clearly seen, and I regard it as a waste of time and progress, by a wrong road, to be sending emissaries to the rebel camp, or to negotiate with the autonomists who have as yet no legal standing, or to try to ascertain the intentions and plans of this government. The (Cuban) refugees will keep on returning one by one and as they do so will make their way into the sheep-fold, while the leaders in the field will gradually come back. Neither the one nor the other class had the courage to leave in a body and they will not be brave enough to return in a body.
  • The Message has been a disillusionment to the insurgents who expected something different; but I regard it as bad (for us).
  • Besides the ingrained and inevitable bluntness (grosería) with which is repeated all that the press and public opinion in Spain have said about Weyler, it once more shows what McKinley is, weak and a bidder for the admiration of the crowd besides being a would-be politician (politicastro) who tries to leave a door open behind himself while keeping on good terms with the jingoes of his party.

Protection of American business interests in Cuba

One reason they did this was to maintain a strong political presence in Cuba. Americans also wanted to build military bases there. They thought Russia was going to take over Cuba. Cuba also had sugar cane plantations and sugar mills there. Some of these were owned by American companies.


American support of Cuban rebels to gain independence from Spain

America did not like the idea of having a strong and intimidating country living nearby. Also Americans wanted Cuba to be part of their territory. Americans were furious that Spain had exploded their ship the U.S.S. Maine. They did not want Spain to control Cuba, so they helped Cuba in their war.


Exaggerated new reports of events(Yellow Journalism)

The New York Journal and The New York Word, reported the dramatic stories of the Spanish brutality. Their stories is what stirred most Americans to go to their aid.

into the details
Into the Details

Spanish send ValerianoWeylerto Cuba to put down Cuban rebellion

McKinley elected president

McKinley’s campaign promises were to protect American business and free the Cuban people.

Cuban towns were turned into concentration camps. Rebels were tortured. Newspaper publishers Pulitzer and Hearst print stories to increase circulation. This is known as the "Yellow Press."

into the details1
Into the Details

McKinley asks Congress to declare war

Dewey sinks Spanish fleet

In just seven hours, the entire Spanish Asian fleet is sunk. U.S. suffers one death.

Although Spain agrees to all American demands, McKinley tells Congress that God has told him to attack the Spanish forces.

into the details2
Into the Details

U.S.S. Maine blows up

Assistant Secretary Theodore Roosevelt orders Admiral Dewey to prepare for Asian war

Roosevelt tells Dewey to attack Spanish fleet in the Philippines if war broke out between U.S. and Spain.

260 American sailors killed after mysterious explosion. Yellow Press call for war against Spain ("Remember the Maine"), offer rewards for proof of Spanish plot.

into the details3
Into the Details

Philippine–American War

Led by Emilio Aguinaldo, Filipinos fought Americans for independence. Effort fails and Philippines stay under American control until captured by Japan in 1942.


Anti-Imperialists angered by anti-democratic aspects of imperialist efforts

Teller Amendment pledged that U.S. would guarantee self-rule to Cubans

Platt Amendment restricted Cuban foreign policies and gave U.S. land for coaling or naval stations

  • 385 American battle deaths (1/20th the number lost at Gettysburg)
  • Several thousand deaths from disease and poisoned meat
  • Cost: $250,000,000
  • 4. U.S. acquires Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippine Islands (100,000 sq. miles, 10 million people) for $20 million

This project took me a while but, it was fun…I learned new things. I really hope you liked it…I know it is more than five pages…I could not get all that information into five pages though…Thank you…


Jasmine Orvis

By: Jasmine Orvis

Pictures: Google images