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Rae Sanders

Rae Sanders

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Rae Sanders

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  1. Rae Sanders Old Mill- One- room Schoolhouse project Rae Sanders One-room Schoolhouse Eureka Schoolhouse

  2. Purpose • When examining a one-room schoolhouse and its artifacts there are many things that I see as important in knowing what school and teaching was really like at the time, and how they are similar to today’s classroom. • The students had many learning resources, activities and concepts to learn; while the teachers had interesting ways of applying, and making lesson plans because of the varied ages in the class.

  3. A one-room school house • All students boys and girls attend schoolhouses. These schools are also for all ages. From very young to college age. They are all taught the same thing at the same time, and there was anywhere from one student to over 50 students to one teacher.

  4. Student Resources: These note cards (flash cards) were used to help the students learn their Latin faster and more accurately Student resources

  5. Classes taught: Writing, reading, math, spelling, music, and whatever other classes the teacher felt were appropriate for the time and the students

  6. Teachers in one room schoolhouses: To be considered for a teacher in a schoolhouse, a person, generally a female had to handwrite a statement saying that they would like to be considered. Many of these teachers went to one-room schoolhouses themselves, some even at the same school. Teachers income varied on how many months they taught and what year it was. In 1898 salary was $30.00, and in 1940 it was up to $160.00

  7. Teacher’s credentials This photo describes a teachers “credentials” and the classes that she has taken. She seems most educated in chemistry and home economics, with ten hours in each. English is a close second with six hours.

  8. Music in school I haven’t found anywhere that music was something that was taught daily, however, I found this music award given in 1968 (I think). I also found a piano in the front of the classroom. This piano probably hasn’t been tuned since the 1800’s, which gives it an even more of a “real life” experience of what it may have been like, seeing as there was probably no heating or air in the school and it probably went out of tune easily.

  9. The music hour was found in the bookcase in the schoolhouse. It looks very similar to music that they teach in elementary schools today.

  10. Work - Cited • Visit to the Old Mill Museum ( June 4, 2013) • Class notes, discussions • Note: all backgrounds in this presentation are actual findings from the museum, of books, and artifacts found.