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Moderator & WISE liaison: Rae -Anne Montague rae @illinois

9 th Annual Web -based Information Science Education (WISE) Workshop @ ALISE Inquiry Across Time and Space. Moderator & WISE liaison: Rae -Anne Montague rae @illinois.edu. Presenters: Nicole Cooke Karla Lucht Michael Stephens. What is WISE?.

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Moderator & WISE liaison: Rae -Anne Montague rae @illinois

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  1. 9th Annual Web-based Information Science Education (WISE) Workshop @ ALISEInquiry Across Time and Space Moderator & WISE liaison: Rae-Anne Montague rae@illinois.edu Presenters: Nicole Cooke Karla Lucht Michael Stephens

  2. What is WISE? A consortium of 16 LIS schools focused on promoting access to high quality online education. Features include: Quality Metrics Pedagogical Training & Support Course Share wiseeducation.org

  3. Workshop Agenda WISE Current topics in online education Design (Lucht) Community Building (Cooke) Participatory Culture (Stephens) Q&A Discussion

  4. What are expectations?

  5. Where is learning?

  6. Is learning fun?

  7. How BIG is online ed? mooc 213 courses 33 universities 20 subject areas http://www.ted.com/talks/daphne_koller_what_we_re_learning_from_online_education.html

  8. Mobile, eh? Fundamentally, ‘mobile’ refers to the user, and not the device or the application. -- Barbara Ballard

  9. m.library

  10. What’s missing? • What is available to whom? • At what cost? • Who pays for the research? • Who benefits? • Who is missing?

  11. Where is online education in LIS? During academic year 2010-2011, forty-nine of fifty-eight schools of library and information science with ALA-accredited master’s programs (84.48 percent) offered some form of off-campus delivery of courses.

  12. Expectations II

  13. It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.– Eugene Ionesco

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  15. Thank you! Rae-Anne Montague rae@illinois.edu

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