fema approval of local hazard mitigation plans
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FEMA Approval of Local Hazard Mitigation Plans

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FEMA Approval of Local Hazard Mitigation Plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FEMA Approval of Local Hazard Mitigation Plans. Sharon Loper Hazard Mitigation Plan Manager DHS - FEMA Region 10 425.487.4700 [email protected] Process Description Contributors Public Involvement Hazard Location Hazard Extent Previous Occurrences Probability

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fema approval of local hazard mitigation plans

FEMA Approval of Local Hazard Mitigation Plans

Sharon Loper

Hazard Mitigation Plan Manager

DHS - FEMA Region 10


[email protected]

44 cfr part 201 6 criteria
Process Description


Public Involvement

Hazard Location

Hazard Extent

Previous Occurrences


Vulnerability to Assets

Impacts to Assets

Potential Loss Estimate (Optional)

Development trend analyze (Optional)

Mitigation Goals

Mitigation Objectives (Optional)

Mitigation Actions and Projects(for existing and future buildings, infrastructure, and critical facilities)

Prioritization Process

Cost/Benefit analysis

Implementation options

Administration process

Monitoring, Evaluating, and Updating Process

Schedule for plan maintenance

Continued public involvement

Incorporation process with other plans

Plan adoption (documented)

44 CFR Part 201.6 Criteria
44 cfr part 201 6 criteria for multi jurisdictional plan
ADOPTION- Requirement §201.6(c)(5) For multi-jurisdictional plans, each jurisdiction requesting approval of the plan must document that it has been formally adopted.

PARTICIPATION- Requirement §201.6(a)(3) Multi-jurisdictional plans (e.g., watershed plans) may be accepted, as appropriate, as long as each jurisdiction has participated in the process…

UNIQUE RISKS- Requirement §201.6(c)(2) (iii): For multi-jurisdictional plans, the risk assessment must assess each jurisdiction’s risks where they vary from the risks facing the entire planning area…

SPECIFIC ACTION ITEMS- Requirement §201.6(c)(3) (iv): For multi-jurisdictional plans, there must be identifiable action items specific to the jurisdiction requesting FEMA approval or credit of the plan.

44 CFR Part 201.6 Criteriafor Multi-Jurisdictional Plan
review considerations
Review Considerations
  • Shall vs. Should
  • “Sufficient information” to make mitigation decisions
  • Existing resources (best available)
  • Plan process
plan review worksheet
Plan Review Worksheet
  • Utilized by FEMA Region X to review local hazard mitigation plans
  • Identifies each criteria contained in the regulation
  • Identifies the various elements of each criteria
  • Worksheet may be used by a local community to “self-check” their plan during development and/or prior to submitting plan to State/FEMA for review
criteria scoring
Criteria Scoring
  • N – Needs Improvement
  • S – Satisfactory

A local hazard mitigation plan must receive a satisfactory scoring on all required criteria for the plan to obtain FEMA approval.

plan approval determinations
Plan Approval Determinations
  • Approved

Plan meets the criteria in 44 CFR Part 201, including local plan adoption.

  • Not Approved - Criteria Met / Plan not Adopted
      • Criteria Met
      • Plan Not Adopted

Plan meets the criteria, except for adoption. Upon documentation of adoption, FEMA will approve plan.

  • Not Approved - Criteria Not Met
      • Criteria Not Met
      • Plan Adopted or Not Adopted

Plan does not meet the content criteria. All criteria must receive a satisfactory rating before FEMA will approve.

fema plan review process
FEMA Plan Review Process
  • State “review and coordinate”

“Plans must be submitted to the State Hazard Mitigation Officer

for initial review and coordination.”44 CFR Part 201.6(d)

  • FEMA “review and approval”

“The state will then send the plan to the appropriate

FEMA Regional Office for formal review and approval.”

“Regional review will be completed within 45 days after

receipt from the state, whenever possible.”

44 CFR Part 201.6(d)

plan approval process state fema approach
Plan Approval ProcessState / FEMA Approach
  • Local plans must be submitted to SHMO for review and coordination
    • Notification when FEMA receives plan for review
    • Plan reviewed for 44 CFR part 201 plan criteria
    • If plan criteria not met, revise plan and resubmit for review
    • If plan criteria met, then…
    • Plan reviewed to verify adopt by local governing body
    • Notification of plan approval – 5 year cycle
fema planning resources
FEMA Planning Resources
  • Mitigation “How to Series”
    • Getting Started: Building Support for Mitigation Planning
    • Understanding Your Risks: Identifying Hazards and Estimating Losses
    • Developing a Mitigation Plan: Identifying Mitigation Measures and Implementation Strategies
    • Bringing the Plan to Life: Ensuring the Success of the Hazard Mitigation Plan
    • Using Benefit-Cost Analysis in Mitigation Planning
    • Incorporating Historic Resources into Mitigation Planning
    • Integrating Human-Caused Hazards into Mitigation Planning
    • Multi-Jurisdictional Approaches to Mitigation Planning
    • Securing Resources for Mitigation Planning
  • Available at:
    • FEMA Publication Warehouse: 1-800-480-2520
    • On the Web: http://www.fema.gov/fima/planhowto.shtm
fema region 10 planning resources
FEMA Region 10 Planning Resources
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning Guide
  • FEMA Region 10 Plan Review Worksheet